Asheville HGTV Collaboration Deposit ($1950)


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Become a sponsor for the trip of a lifetime with three highly engaging influencers staying in Asheville North Carolina at the HGTV Urban Bungalow Oasis. 

What you get:

  • 3 Instagram Post
  • 3 Facebook Posts
  • 3 Pinterest Posts
  • 3 One minute Instagram Stories
  • A picture of all Influencers enjoying product.

We have a highly engaged audience in the niche of fashion, beauty, and travel for women. Amongst the three, there is a market reach of over 350,000 consumers

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I bring the best of life over 50 to you and all your girls. I’m a wife, a mother to college kids, and your new, fun online friend. I am going to show you a fantastic time while you are here.

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