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Happy Sunday, dolls! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend thus far. I am excited to be here chatting with you ladies today about something I love and feel passionate about. That is yoga! I am sure a lot of you have had some experience with yoga, but if you haven’t, I hope this post will make you feel inspired to get started.

You may be asking yourself, “Why yoga? Could it actually help me?” And I intend on answering those questions in this post for you today. We will be chatting about the powerful benefits yoga has for our bodies, and some useful products that will help you get comfortable doing yoga wherever you are. So, let’s go ahead and start why the “Why?” question.

Yoga Products

Benefits of Practicing Yoga

  1.  Helps us kick the negative effects of stress- In today’s day and age, it seems that a large majority of us are really affected by stress. In our home lives, in our work lives, or elsewhere, we have all felt overwhelming effects of stress that we feel like we cannot escape from. Yoga not only instantly helps us feel relaxed while we are practicing, but it also can reduce our body’s cortisol levels (the hormone responsible for stress). If you are struggling with stress, check out this other post of mine too !
  2.  An exercise anyone can do, no matter their age- Children, teens, adults, and senior citizens alike, everyone can benefit from taking time to practice yoga. For children, teens, and young adults, yoga can help prevent natural aging processes in their bodies to keep them feeling pain-free, and energized. And for adults, and senior citizens, it can provide relief of pain, can eliminate toxins in the body, improve the immune system, and can help achieve an all-around healthy mindset, and lifestyle. Another bonus, is that joining an actual yoga class can provide social interaction for adults or seniors who work from home or are retired.
  3.  Improves posture- It is no secret that a lot of us have poor posture. This could be genetic, or it could be caused by our constant use of technology that keeps us bent in wacky positions. Regardless, it is important to help our spines get back to the position they are supposed to in. Many yoga poses are great for readjusting the spine, and practicing good posture, which could eventually become something your body will start to do without thinking about it.
  4.  Releases anxiety- Similarly to stress, anxiety is very prevalent in our world. Yoga can reduce those annoying symptoms of anxiety, and even depression.
  5.  Lowers your risk of heart disease-  Yoga can reduce blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and lower cholesterol levels which can both prevent and help one recover from heart disease.
  6.  Can enhance the quality of your sleep- We all need to improve the quality of our sleep, and yoga can aid us in this. Getting good sleep can help prevent us from developing a large variety of diseases like cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Yoga helps us fall asleep, stay asleep, and feel more well-rested overall.
  7.  Helps your body gain flexibility and balance- As we age, flexibility and balance decrease. But, with practicing yoga, we can prevent losing those things, or we can help regain those things if they have already began to affect us.
  8.  Can relieve chronic pain- Chronic pain lingers in many of our bodies, but we can reduce that pain using good posture, mindful breathing, and meditation through practicing yoga.

Products You Need to Start Your Journey

Having products that you like and are excited to use can make creating a new habit much easier. So, I want to share some great options of products to get started in the yoga world with you below. You can click the image of the product to shop it easily below.

I hope this post encourages you to take some time for yourself, and focus on your health during these crazy times. Enjoy your week, dolls.



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