Women Over 50: Target Swimwear Suggestions You Will Love

Amigas, let’s be honest. Do you struggle with finding swimwear that you feel is age appropriate, affordable, and good quality? Well, you are not alone, chica. We have all been there. Shopping is supposed to be fun, not draining! In today’s post “Women Over 50: Target Swimwear Suggestions You Will Love”, I am going to help you find swimwear you will be confident in. We will also go over a few tips and tricks to help you feel as beautiful as you are on your next pool or beach day!

Target Swimwear

Target has REALLY stepped up their game in the swimwear department. You will be shocked when you see, and feel the fabulous quality of their swimwear. And you will be even more shocked when you see the price tag. Today’s “Shop The Post” will have 10 one-piece swimsuits, ALL under $65, and some less than $40. From beautiful floral patterns, mesh detailing, and cinched waistlines, and more, I know you will have no trouble finding the perfect swimsuit for yourself here.

Confidence Tips and Tricks for Your Next Pool or Beach Day

  1. Want to wear a cute swimsuit, but also want to feel modest? Try a cute cover-up! Here’s a beautiful one I love.
  2. Find and follow women on social media who inspire you to feel confident in your own body. Many older women of all shapes and sizes have been taking the internet by storm. Going on Instagram, and searching #bodyconfidence can help you see what REAL women look like, not just the airbrushed models modeling your swimwear.
  3. Don’t put so much pressure on the swimsuit itself. Make it into an outfit. How can you style a swimsuit? Earrings, cute sandals, shorts, or a fun hat can take your swimwear look to the next level.

One quick question before you browse swimsuits online. Where do you like to shop for swimsuits? Comment down below on “Women Over 50: Target Swimwear Suggestions You Will Love” so other women can get advice from you, too!

Okay, okay… now that we have covered all of the important bases, let’s go ahead and dive in to the fun part… SHOPPING! I hope you beautiful ladies find a swimsuit you love on this list, and that you can be confident and truly enjoy your next day in the water.



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