Womaness: Menopause, Meet Your Match


Okay ladies going through menopause, listen up, this one’s for you!  As women, we have to deal with some annoying issues that men don’t, including menopause!  Ugh!  What if I told you there was a way to experience a life ~almost~ menopause free?  Well, there is, and it’s with Womaness.

What is Womaness?

Even the name is empowering, don’t you think?  Womaness, founded by good friends Sally and Michelle, exists to help women experiencing the symptoms of menopause feel the best they can.  Whatever symptom you are experiencing, Womaness is here to help.

Hot flashes?  Vaginal Dryness?  Bladder leaks?  Fine Lines?  Brain Fog?  Low Libido?  Check!

Wait, Li-what?

Libido.  Your sex drive.  It’s a thing and it doesn’t have to decrease with menopause!  In fact, all of these symptoms can decrease, you just have to believe!  I mean, cough cough, buy these products.  They’re awesome.

Okay okay, what products does Womaness offer?

Let’s go by symptoms, shall we?  For ease, they have even created kits to target certain symptoms and that’s what I’ll cover.

How about dry and sagging skin?

No problem!  Use their “Womaness Skin and Body Kit” which includes the “Let’s Neck” (love this name!) serum that you apply to your neck and décolleté with a roller.  It’s designed to cool and massage the area as well.  In addition to this product is the “The Works” body cream.  It is a step up from normal moisturizers because it uses ingredients usually only found in facial moisturizers.  Lastly, this kit includes the “Overnight Magic” lotion, specifically designed to moisturize your face.

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats?

For these menopausal symptoms, Womaness suggests the “Womaness Starter Kit.” This kit includes a dietary supplement called “Me.No.Pause.,” created to relieve these symptoms.  Who doesn’t need this? Also included is the “Let’s Neck” and “The Works”, which I touched on above.  Lastly, this kit includes satin sleep accessories- bonus!

What about brain fog?

Yes!  Womaness suggests their “Me.No.Pause” dietary supplement as well as their “Active Glow” supplement.  This supplement targets your joints and reduces inflammation as well as boosts your hair, skin, and nails. Win, win.

Bladder Leaks?

So annoying, but still covered!  Simply use their “Go Go Liners” so you can be confident you won’t leak and have to make a break for the bathroom.

Okay, what about a decrease in libido?  Can Womaness really help with that?


YES!  Sexual health is so important and that’s why Womaness has created products to help you keep your sex drive UP!  If you really want to spoil yourself, check out their “Womaness Sexual Wellness Kit.”  Included is their “Daily V Soothe,” a product that keeps your Vagina moisturized as well as their “Gold Vibes” vibrator.  You heard that right.

What’s best about all of this?  All of these kits range between $50-$99.  Seriously, that’s a steal for these amazing products.  Lastly, they have a few other fun products on their site that are sure to supplement these kits or you can hand pick individual items.  In other words, the possibilities are endless to feeling your best!

My Experience with Womaness

I have been taking their “Active Glow” vitamin and it has been helping me to feel my best by keeping inflammation down in my joints.  I also love that it helps my hair, skin, and nails which is so important to me as I navigate my menopausal years.  Additionally, I love the “Let’s Neck” serum.  It helps firm and moisturize the skin on my neck and chest.  Lastly, I love the “Overnight Magic” moisturizer.  It’s light and helps my skin fight back against menopausal dryness.


I hope this blog has helped you to feel empowered to feel your best during menopause and to do it with Womaness!  You can use my code REINVENTING50S10 for a discount!


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