Top 10 Sundresses of the Month

We made it. It is finally Saturday, dolls! What are your plans for the weekend? I hope today’s blog post finds you well, and happy. I have been excited to share some more fashion on the blog, and today is a fun fashion post. In this post, you will find my Top 10 Sundresses of the Month (all from Nordstrom). There are a lot of bonuses to wearing sundresses. They are comfortable in warm weather, versatile, lightweight (usually made of cotton), and wearable to most events. So whether you are relaxing at home, heading to a vineyard, attending a wedding, or having a picnic, you can wear a sundress for a beautiful, elegant look. Another thing I love about sundresses is how many different styles there are. No matter how you classify your style, there is a sundress for you!

Perhaps the best part of wearing sundresses, is the ability to style them in so many ways. Adding a cardigan or a jean jacket, some lovely accessories, and a fun pair of shoes can allow you to wear a simple dress, but make it your own style. These particular Nordstrom sundresses are my top 10 picks for the month. You will find many different styles, and looks for all different shapes and sizes. I know that no matter which one (or two!) you pick, you will look fabulous in these. One last hot tip before we you see my picks! Nordstrom‘s biggest sale of the year, The Anniversary Sale is coming soon. That sale will most likely feature some of these dresses at HUGE discounts. You will not want to miss the sale! I am planning to do a full blog post with my favorite sale picks from Nordstrom for you once the sale goes live too, so be sure you do not miss that either.

 But, without further ado: the Top 10 Sundresses of the Month (and one BONUS, just because I love you, dolls!) Cheers, and happy shopping!

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