Top 10 things to pack in your carry on!

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Welcome to part two of our summer travel series. Wherever you will be traveling this summer, whether it be to Japan or just to Southern California, today we are going to talk about the top 10 things that you should always have in your carry on.

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Lets talk about airplanes. Airplanes are breading ground for dry bacteria filled air. FACT Airplanes have more humidity than a desert. Your skin is most comfortable at 40-70% humidity…Airplanes have only 20% humidity. What does this mean? You can enter the plane with beautiful glowy skin, and leave the plane with dry, cracked, greasy skin. Which takes us to some of the first few things you need in your carry on..SKINCARE

  • A good cleansing wipe like these No7 Radiant Results Revitalizing Cleansing Wipes. When on an airplane you want to lock in as much moisture as possible. Airplanes are NOT the place (I repeat ARE NOT the place) to put on our full glam face of make up. The first thing you should do when you enter the plane and get to your seat is cleanse the skin.

  • A great toner spray like Eau Roma Water spray from Lush Cosmetics. To balance your skin pre flight.

  • THIS INCREDIBLE moisturizer from Dermalogica! It leaves your skin so soft and hydrated for even the longest flight, and is a must have on any carry on.

  • Lastly for skincare products you need this amazing cucumber sunscreen from COOLA. UV rays are much more intense at a higher altitude and the risk of skincare increases when you are in an airplane. if you are in a window seat, and not closing your window shade then sunscreen is an absolute must.

  • This very cozy inconspicuous travel pillow called the Trtl Pillow, It provides the support you need on your trip without taking up a ton of room or looking like a butt cushion.

  • Compression Socks are a must on long trips. Circulation is definitely lacking if you are sitting on a plane for a long period time even if you are on a flight for a short period of time, compression socks are definitely a good idea.

  • I always have my Michael Kors flip flops wherever I go. Whether the beach, or my carry on I always have these babies on me.

  • This darling passport holder from Kate Spade. I personally think anytime you are traveling you should bring your passport. It hold more merit than your license and is good if you take spontaneous vacations.

  • This one is a must have for me because I am always working on my phone. A portable charger is a great investment for anyone especially if you are working on social media.

  • Last but not least and I know no one ever wants to plan for this but lost luggage is REAL. So I always suggest packing an outfit, extra undergarments, travel toothbrush, body wash, and so forth in your carry on. Just in case.


Packing can be really stressful and hard but it doesn’t have to be. i hope my quick and easy guide will help you through all of you summer travel. Have a beautiful weekend Dolls.


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