These Ray-Ban Sunglasses Will Save You This Spring!

Why Ray-Ban sunglasses?

Ray-Ban Sunglasses
I am in love with my Ray-Ban Square Sunnies!

So. Many. Reasons!  A quality pair of sunglasses not only adds style, but protection as well!  Sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and keep your eyes from tiring out while driving.  Also, who doesn’t love a fabulous pair of sunglasses to spice up an outfit?  Well, if you have been searching for a pair of sunglasses that provides all three, look no further.  Ray-Ban sunglasses is it!

That’s why I want to tell you about my newest and favorite pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses!  Not only do they have a unique shape, but I am confident they are protecting my eyes from the beautiful California sun rays.

But, why Ray-Ban sunglasses?  Many reasons!

#1 First: Frame shape, color, fit, and material options!

The frame shape options Ray-Ban offers include pilot, rectangle, square, round, oval, and geometrical.  Although, I am personally obsessed with these square shaped sunglasses right now!

Furthermore, the frame colors Ray-Ban offers range from beige, black, blue, copper, gold, green, grey and many more.  You seriously have endless options!

Ray-Ban also knows fit is important so they offer regular, oversized, and narrow depending on the size of your face.

Lastly, you can choose the material your frames are made from including Acetate, Innovative, Metal, Nylon and Propionate, and Premium!

#2 Second: Lenses type and color options!

Ray-Ban provides customers with a variety of lenses types including:

  1. Classic- these lenses are a solid color and are great for everyday use.
  2. Gradient- theses lenses are darker at the top and gradually becomes lighter at the bottom of the lenses.  Like in this photo!
  3. Mirror & Flash- these are reflective lenses that reduces light and glare.
  4. Evolve- these lenses changes color depending on the lighting.
  5. Chromance- lenses that enhances the colors you see and gets rid of reflection and glare.
  6. Polarized- these lenses reduce eye strain and glare.

I mean, c’mon, how could you not find a pair you love?

#3 Third: Face shape consideration!

Ray-Ban sunglasses takes into account your face shape to help you find the style that is best for you, leaving you walking away confident in your new sunglasses!

#4 Fourth: What about prescriptions?

NO PROBLEM, you can still wear Ray-Ban sunglasses!  Ray-Ban offers a variety of styles that can accommodate prescription lenses.  This means anyone with a prescription can also enjoy the benefits and protection that Ray-Ban sunglasses provide.  Whoo-hoo!

Ray-Ban Sunglasses
They seriously have so many options!

Okay, that all sounds great.  But, what if I want to try the Ray-Ban sunglasses on before buying…

That’s easy!  Ray-Ban stores are open across the globe and you can go in and try on any sunglasses in person.  They have implemented health and safety precautions in order to keep you safe during Covid-19.  You can rest assured that each pair you try on has been sanitized after each use and that you will receive a brand new pair from their stock.  However, this was always their standard practice!

Now, here is my first-hand experience with Ray-Ban sunglasses.

As if I haven’t already expressed my love for Ray-Ban enough, I cannot give enough praises to this company!  The sunglasses I got from them are quality, their customer service is phenomenal, and they have such a variety of styles, shapes, and colors.  I am convinced anyone could find a pair that suits them.  If you love sunglasses and are in need of a new pair, I highly recommend checking out these square shaped sunglasses.  Whichever pair you choose will be a staple in your closet this spring!  Also, they range from $99-$215- that’s an amazing price for such a quality, everyday product!

Since receiving my sunglasses, I have already worn them on a trip to help my daughter move in to her new place on the sunny southern California Coast and, let me tell you, they saved my eyes from the harsh sun down there!

Stay safe, stay warm, and get yourself a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses!  You won’t regret it.

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