The Top 4 Kitchen Essentials to Get Now!

Top 4 Kitchen Essentials

I know what you’re thinking, I already have my top 4 kitchen essentials…

I know, I know- you may think you have the best “kitchen essentials” already- we all have our favorite kitchen items!  BUT, you need to listen up because these four are going to be your top 4 kitchen essentials this spring!  And I can (almost) guarantee you don’t have all of them (yet).  No, it’s not a pretty plate.  No, it’s not another coffee mug or set of ladles.  These four items will make your life easier and your time in the kitchen so enjoyable.  Whether you’re cooking for yourself, or entertaining others- Covid-19 friendly, of course- you will love these!

Okay, so what are my top 4 kitchen essentials?

I’m glad you asked!  These have all stolen my heart and filled my belly with so much goodness, I just had to share.

First, a Nespresso!

I absolutely LOVE my Nespresso.  I’m sure you’ve heard of them before, but do you know why they are all the rage?  For starters, they make an amazing cup of coffee, of course, but that’s not all!  Depending on the style of machine you purchase, they can also make the most amazing latte or cappuccino.  Some come with a built in milk frothing machine for that yummy foam.  Or, you can opt to buy their separate milk frothing machine if you go with a Nespresso machine that doesn’t have this feature.

That brings me to the next reason I love Nespresso, their machines are so cool!  They have these little “pods” (similar to Keurig) that has a code on the side of them.  Your machine has the capability to read that code and then knows how much water to filter through depending on the pod you chose.  For example, some pods make a larger cup of coffee where as some are espresso pods and only make about 2 ounces.  How cool is that?  Lastly, Nespresso has all different shapes and styles deeding on what you want.  Little counter space?  No worries!  Want a huge machine that does it all, they’ve got you!

Second, an AirFryer

You would be lying if you said you didn’t like fried stuff.  Seriously, who doesn’t?  But, you know what I don’t like?  The way fried foods makes me feel.  Bloated, icky, and gross!  But, what if I told you that there is a way to get that yummy, crunchy goodness that comes with fried foods without the calories and unhealthiness?  Well, there is!

You can get all the things you love about fried foods with an AirFryer because it adds texture and flavor to any dish!  How sad is it to crave something fried, only to decide that a healthier option is what you should do.  But now, you can have both- what a treat!

The Airfryer uses air (who would have guessed) to fry your food instead of oil and breading.  That’s perfect for frying potatoes, chicken, or veggies for your spring picnics.

Third, this quality set of Emeril stainless steel knives- Ooh Lala!

There is nothing more aggravating than chopping with a poor quality set of knives.  And, if you’re like me, you use your knife set everyday!  That’s why I have included these as one of my top 4 kitchen essentials to have in your kitchen this spring.  Additionally, you can choose from a variety of sets, yay!  They are extremely sharp and so quality. You won’t be disappointed!

Last, but not least, Pots and Pans!

Another item you use daily, hence, another item to invest in this spring.  I cannot recommend owning a quality set of pots in pans more.  All of these pots and pans are non-stick, have a comfortable grip, and come in many shapes and sizes.  The food possibilities you could cook in these are endless!

If you’re like me, you love to cook up fun and new meals!  Why not do it with these amazing products?  Leave a comment below if you already have some of these or if you’re planning to get any of my top 4 kitchen essentials.  I would also love to know any recipes you are making these days (especially if they include some of these items!).

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