The Benefits of Wine in Skincare

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Today we will be discussing one of my favorite topics. The Benefits that drinking wine has on your skin.

Now it has been said that wine, more specifically red wine has a ton of health benefits. Obviously drinking in excess is not good or good for you, but it is scientifically proven that a glass of red wine each day can keep the doctor away.  In the realm of health benefits red wine is filled with antioxidants that keep red wine heart healthy, can prevent Alzheimers disease, can lower your cholesterol and lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. I know a miracle worker.

Now as much benefits that red wine has for your health it doubles with the effects it has on your skin so listen up dolls. 


Red wine has an antioxidant called Resveratrol. This is found on the skin of red grapes that are used to make red wine and it is one of the top things in red wine that benefit your skin. It is an effective UV protectant, promotes fullness and elasticity which as you know prevents wrinkles and is a good defense against aging. This paired with the other antioxidants such as flavonoid and tannin which makes your skin glow and fight with the free radicals in the air which again causes prevention against aging. If you don’t feel like drinking a glass of wine you can always make a red wine facial. Mix with rosehip, crushed strawberries, grapes and essential oils (Leave on for 10 minutes wash with cold water to close the pores) make a gorgeous mask that can reduce fine lines, wrinkles and provide skin with the glow you had when you were a baby. 

Red wine can also transform a dull complexion due to the polyphenols. You can literally spray red wine on your face and gently massage for 10 minute and voila. Beautiful natural skin. It also prevents breakouts, clears pores and fights acne. 

Now you might be reading this and completely thrilled because you love red wine and were looking for a great healthy excuse to have a little pampering every night, or you might be a white wine drinker thinking “What the heck does white wine do?”. Well I am so glad you asked. 


White wines are also great for you and your skin. White wine aides in weight loss due to antioxidants like epicatechin, quercetin, and resveratrol. (Please only drink one-two glasses per night any more than this can actually do the reverse) There is such a thing as too  much of a good thing. White wines also protect your heart, keep your lungs healthy, and prevent diseases such as bowel cancer and certain forms of breast cancer. 

There you have it. The secret to aging gracefully is apparently winding down after a long day with a lovely glass of vino. Please note again that everything including this magical potion is good in moderation, so don’t over do it. 

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