Take a Peek at the Inside of Your Body


Why ZOE?

Have you ever felt like you are struggling with food and knowing what’s right for your body?  I know everyone’s been there and I am here to share how ZOE can change your thoughts around food from:

“Don’t eat too much of this or too much of that.”

“My metabolism is slow, so I need to watch what I eat.”


“This is what my body needs because it is unique.”

“These are the types of food that will FUEL my day.”

How does it work?

I’ve got all my tests ready to go!

ZOE uses a holistic, individual approach to help you discover how your body interacts with food through a series of tests.  They know the relationship your body has with certain foods is wildly different than someone else’s and that’s why they want to help you figure out how to approach food in a way that is unique to YOU!

When you decide to try out ZOE you will first take a quiz to help them get to know you, your goals, and your struggles with weight and food.

You will then be sent a package with some at home tests.  These tests will assess your gut health, blood sugar, and blood fat.  Depending on your needs, the tests could include a blood sugar monitor that is placed on your arm, a stool sample, muffins to assess your metabolism, and a finger prick.

Once you complete these tests, you will send them back and wait about 6 weeks to receive your results.  These results will reveal how your body responds to certain foods, including the foods that cause inflammation.

Next, ZOE will help you create a 4 week plan based on your test results.  This plan helps you to implement healthy choices in your day to day life.

In addition, you get access to their app for four months! This access helps you change your relationship with food for good and leads to lasting results.  One really cool aspect of this app is it takes into consideration your personal responses to certain foods and gives you a score for whatever food you want to eat.  It will also predict how your body will react to that food, helping you make healthy decisions every day!

Furthermore, you can choose to opt in for the premium plan for the app.  This version of the app gives you access to a nutrition coach anytime you need some extra help and encouragement.

I am super excited to start my journey with ZOE!

Why should I trust ZOE?


I trust ZOE because of the science behind their approach.  ZOE has collaborated with leading researchers and scientists in order to create this program.  They have a study called “PREDICT,” the largest nutrition based study in the world, that has revealed how differently our bodies react to different foods.  ZOE knows you’re different and that your approach to food is going to be different than everyone else’s.

Another reason I trust ZOE is because of the many factors they take into consideration when creating my personalized plan.  Not only do they take into account the basics: gender, weight, height, etc., but they also take into account factors such as genetics, blood biochemistry, and gut microbiome.

But, don’t just take my word for it!  They do a great job explaining it on their website if you want to learn more.

I really hope you are as excited as I am about ZOE and I can’t wait to tell you about my experience when I get my results back.

See you back here in 6 weeks!

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