LGBTQ+ National Coming Out Day: How We Can Support the Community

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LGBTQ+ Ally Annette Duke of Reinventing50s

Tomorrow is a day of celebration and justice. If you did not know tomorrow is National Coming Out Day. It is so important for us to be able to support and encourage everyone who is celebrating Sunday. I join as an ally in celebrating Sunday and supporting the LGBTQ+ Community. I wanted to create this guide for all of my Chicas, on how we can support and be allies.


You know I love facts, so lets learn some facts about the day!

LGBTQ+ Pride

  • National Coming Out day was founded in 1988 by Robert Eichberg and Jean O’Lear, as celebrating the form of activism that coming out represents. The day puts emphasis that the most basic form of activism is coming out to the world and living free. Robert Eichberg was a psychologist and author, who passed away from complications from the AIDS virus. Jean O’lear an openly lesbian political leader and long-time activist from New York.
  • We celebrate Coming Out Day on October 11th because of the anniversary of the National March for Lesbian and Gay rights on Washington in 1987.
  • National Coming Out Day was only recognized by 18 states at first.
  • It was recognized by all 50 states and 7 countries because of a media push in 1990.
  • The Coming Out Day foundation believes that silence and ignorance are the biggest cause of homophobia. When you have family members in the LGBTQ+ community you are far less likely to have oppressive views.

“LGBTQ people have to first identify themselves privately in a world that continues to tell them that people like them are not welcome, are not equal, and then eventually try to work up the courage to announce themselves as being different,”

“Events like Coming Out Day and Pride are crucial in making this process easier because they are times when the LGBTQ community becomes visible — not just an idea, but a literally mass of people in the streets, or a collection of voices to be heard. We set an example for those who have yet to find and love themselves.” Nate Warden, founder of Coming Out,


How we can be LGBTQ+ Allies.

LGBTQ+ Ally Annette Duke of Reinventing50s


Being a set of ears and an open mind. We don’t realize how difficult it may be for anyone to open up. To listen to the stories and their truth is a start. Listen also to what they want you to do with the information. They may not be ready to share it with the world and that is okay. It is their call and you just need to be there to support.


Kindness is everything and a lot of people forget that. See the worth in every person, because at the end of the day we are all humans. We each deserve love, respect and equality. Leading with kindness everyday is a start to get us all there.

LGBTQ+ Support

Educate yourself. Staying informed is the key to being an ally. I have provided some amazing resources below to keep you informed. We are so lucky to be living in an age that everything is out there for us. We just need to take the initiative and find it. Luckily I have found it for you. Here are the top resources to learn about coming out.


The Trevor Project



Last but not least show your support and get out there. Show up to parades, show up to marches and take action. I hope you all have a beautiful National Coming Out Day. If you or someone you know is struggling with coming out please contact the resources below. Love is Love and we all deserve it.


LGBTQ+ Ally Annette Duke


Have a beautiful day!



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