Sun Care Is Self-Care: Au Revoir to Sun Damage


Greetings you gorgeous goddesses! Today I want to talk about sun care. Once you pass 50, it’s one of the most critical aspects of self-care. Sure we love the sun! The world seems happier when it’s bright outside, but those wretched UV rays are just waiting to do damage to your skin and hair. Here are some of the most foolproof methods for keeping yourself safe from free radicals, UV rays, and sunburns:

Slip into light-blocking clothing: tightly woven tops and bottoms effectively block out UV rays, preventing them from doing damage straight through your clothes.


Slather on your sunscreen: no matter how long you’re going to be outside, even if it’s cloudy, put on sunscreen and don’t forget to cover the tops of your hands to avoid sun damage on that soft, fragile skin.

Put a lid on it: wearing a hat outside protects your hair from drying out and fading and it shades your eyes from those bright, potentially dangerous rays. Accessorize with a Blue Sky Sun Visor.

Pop on your sunglasses: even when you wear a hat sunglasses are a smart choice. They shield your eyes from the sun and protect the delicate skin around your pretty peepers.

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