Summer Travel Series: Portland, Oregon

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Summer is FINALLY here…although in California it always has a summer vibe. Anyway we are in full summer swing which means sun, tan lines, and new destinations to be explored. So I figured I would do a summer travel series, posting every Monday about hot travel destinations for this summer.

We are starting this series with none other than Portland Oregon.

Portland is Oregon’s largest and most populated city. With a population of 585k, this city has been topping the charts as a must-have vacation. Serene views, mountains in the distance, thrilling nightlife, SALES TAX FREE shopping, and micro breweries to spare, Portland’s cutting edge culture has something for all to enjoy and leaves a lasting impression for even the most savvy traveled.


Adventurers, wanderlusters, and vacation goers have been packing up and jet-setting across the states to Oregon to take in the rich culture and surprisingly cheap accommodations. With sites such as airBNB you can really travel to your hearts content for a fraction of the cost. Portland does not disappoint in the cheap but chic accommodations department.

Zen Loft located in Portland Oregon

Zen Loft located in Portland Oregon

Like this SUPER gorgeous Zen Den Loft (don’t worry the loft bed has fun stairs) for two for as low as $85.00 per night. This New York Times recommended hot spot has everything, including a hot tub. Perfect for a couple looking for a getaway in a calming accommodation, or a nomadic traveler seeking some thrills. Either way this place is beautiful, and definitely Instagram worthy.

Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland Oregon

Tiny Digs Hotel in Portland Oregon

Another option for a place to stay that is so cool is the Tiny Digs Hotel. We have all heard of the Tiny House fad that is sweeping the nation by storm right? Well, only in Portland will you find a community of beautiful tiny homes for you to stay in for $185 a night. Each tiny home accommodates 4. This is a perfect stay for a “Truly Portland” experience.

Secret Spot

A place that is this happening must have a “best kept secret” spot right? The answer is yes, but you didn’t hear it from me. Circa 33 is a culinary virtue and an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Set behind a bookcase you will travel back to the prohibition era, while enjoying complex cocktails and comfort food. This place is an exclusive spot and must be made by reservation so you can receive your own password.

Locals Only

When I am travelling I like to pick one day where I am a local. I don’t do a tour, I don’t seek out the most popular thing to do, or the most popular restaurant. I find the local coffee spot, sit among the other bodies, and listen to the chatter and wander around like a local. If you do this in Portland you will find our a lot of things.

  1. There are gluten free options everywhere

  2. Portland is deemed the “Rose City” for a reason


Which takes me to my Locals Only tip. Laurelhurst Park has a free movie in the park most Thursdays-Sundays in the summer. This is perfect for a family or a romantic evening. Grab a picnic blanket, some delicious take out, and a sweater if it gets cold and relax with the other locals of Portland.

Best Eats

Okay, the moment that most people are waiting for…The best food of Portland. I have a few options and price point for everyone’s needs but they all have one thing in common…They’re delicious

Matt’s BBQ ($)

Matt’s BBQ is bringing Texas styled barbecue to the city of Portland. With a bunch of different options (go for THE WHOLE SHEBANG all of the meats , all of the sides, $22.00) this food cart is open 11am-7pm and always sells out (meals are while supplies last). You wont want to miss it.

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty ($$)

With a name that I can get behind, Lovely’s Fifty Fifty is serving up wood fired pizza with ingredients from the local farmers, butchers, and mills. They also used naturally leavened dough so you know you are getting the best ingredients, that are the best for you.

Beast ($$$)

Beast is a culinary experience that people wait a lifetime for. The food is almost to pretty to eat…almost. The James Beard Award winning establishment takes fine dining to a whole other level. They change their menu every two weeks so know that if you have a favorite it might not be there when you go back, but don’t worry something just as delicious will be in its place

When are we leaving?

Good question! How about now. The best time to visit Portland is June – August because of the lovely consistently warm weather and the cities roses are in full bloom.

You Don’t Want To Miss…

The world renowned Portland Japanese Rose Garden. It is referred to as a “living “classroom” that offers tremendous opportunities for experiential learning to all who enter its gates. The lessons of the Portland Japanese Garden are many and varied; not only does it speak about the way trees grow and how moss forms on stone, but also about the lives and culture of the people who designed and nurtured this enduring art form.”

So let’s book a flight, pack our things and journey up North to one of our favorite cultural experiences. Portland is a city like no other, and is not to be missed!


I bring the best of life over 50 to you and all your girls. I’m a wife, a mother to college kids, and your new, fun online friend. I am going to show you a fantastic time while you are here.

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