Staying Healthy with Kourtney Kardashian’s Tea Secrets

It’s no secret that the eldest of the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney, likes to make sure she is super healthy and camera ready at the drop of a dime. A part of making sure she stays healthy is sipping her teas. That’s right! As we all know consuming tea has a ton of health and wellness benefits depending on the type and recipe. There are so many types of tea products on the market but not all of them work the same. Some have heart-healthy benefits, while others may have scientifically proven cancer-fighting properties. Whatever your thing is, Kourtney has been showing us that anytime is a great time to enjoy a delicious cup of tea. And she has it down to a science!


On her blog Poosh, Kourtney breaks down her tea guide and discusses what each type of tea is used for in her routines.  Some of her most popular favorites are matcha green tea lattes and her own apple tea recipe. Green tea has great benefits to renew and restore the mind, body and physical beauty. It’s also been proven to boost your metabolism by 17%. It provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components to keep your flare ups at bay and keep you looking fresh and smooth.  And we all know that I am a HUGE  fan of clear and smooth skin.



According to Kourt, matcha tea is the only tea where you can ingest the leaf, whereas most teas are steeped and then thrown away. The benefits of this tea is detoxification, sustained energy and much more. It can help protect your body against aging due to it’s Vitamin B and Vitamin E, increasing collagen production. Green tea is also included as the main ingredient in a lot of beauty products known to do the same. Kourtney shares a recipe for this on her blog.

Another fun fact about Kourt and green tea: she has been known to order a cup of green tea with almond milk and honey while out dining at restaurants. She says this practice has helped her avoid eating bread and carbs that normally are served at restaurants before dinner. What a clever idea!

Her Homemade Apple tea, named after her family baby nurse Grace, who introduced it to her. This recipe has a host of spices and herbs that tantalize your taste buds at the first sip. It has become pretty popular since she first posted about it and we can see why. So what do you think? Will you be trying any of the Kardashian’s recommended teas?


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