Pizzana Resturant – Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA

The most authentic pizza in Los Angeles. Yes Angelenos, California produce with a Naples twist! 

11712 San Vicente Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

If you haven’t experienced Pizzana just yet, you will be missing out on the best pizza in Los Angeles. There was so much hype about it, we thought we would try it out ourselves!!

Daniele Uditi

On our food tour we had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Daniele Uditi, one of the partners at Pizzana. He explained to us the entire menu, and the importance of every dish. Daniele is not only humble, but passionate about the world of bread making. Daniel comes from a long line of the best bread makers in Naples, Italy. At Pizzana there is NO such thing as a frozen pizza.

Cacio e pepe pizza

Cacio e pepe pizza

Zucchine Alla Scapece (LEFT) & Carciofi Arrostiti (right)

Zucchine Alla Scapece (LEFT) & Carciofi Arrostiti (right)

What we ordered and you should try:

Zucchine Alla Scapece

  • Tempura fried zucchini, lemon aioli

Carciofi Arrostiti

  • Charred artichoke heart, fried baby artichoke, toasted pine nut, parmigiano, lemon, olive oil

Cacio E Pepe Pizza

  • cracked black pepper, parmigiano crema, provoloncino di agerola, fior de latte

Everything we had eaten and experienced at Pizzana was a 100% spectacular! The creator of Sprinkles Cupcakes, Candace Nelson is also partners with Daniel at the Pizzana restaurant.

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