How To: Best Packing List and Hacks For Your Next Getaway

Dolls, I have made a BIG mistake. I have made it to my travel destination, and realized I have forgotten things I was planning on packing. There is such a heart-sinking feeling that goes along with opening your suitcase to discover you are missing items you intended on having on your trip. Anyone else ever experienced this? If you have not, you are lucky. If you have, you know you do not want that to happen again.  Today’s blog post will be a resource for you to refer back to before you next adventure. In How To: Best Packing List and Hacks For Your Next Getaway, you will find my top tips and tricks for packing tragedy prevention, and some of my favorite product suggestions that make packing easier.

  1. First things first, CHECK THE WEATHER. I know this sounds like an obvious suggestion, but it is something some people forget to do. There is nothing worse than packing for the wrong climate! Checking the weather for your destination will ensure that you know the conditions you are headed into, and then you can pack accordingly.
  2. Invest in a spacious suitcase. I would recommend a suitcase like this one, because you want to make sure your suitcase is durable, and gives you plenty of room to pack everything you need.
  3. Ever used packing cubes? If you have not, you are totally missing out! Calpak makes some fabulous packing cubes that fit wonderfully in a suitcase, and allow you to organize your belongings.
  4. Before you start putting things in a suitcase, make a list. Make sure you know what you are planning to pack, and leave room to put a checkmark next to the item after it is officially in the suitcase. No more forgetting something at home, ladies! 

Now that we have those basics covered, let’s hop into the more detailed piece of How To: Best Packing List and Hacks!

The 3 S’s (Essential Items and Hacks)

  1. Something you never want to forget on a summer getaway is a good sunhat. But, they can be daunting to try to pack in a suitcase. Here’s a hack for you that will allow you to pack that sunhat in your suitcase without wrinkling it! Put the hat into the suitcase upside down, and fill the hole with socks, scarves, or underwear. Then secure the brim by putting your packing cubes underneath the brim of the hat. You will get to your destination with the luggage you need, AND a wrinkle-free sunhat.
  2. Shoes are always tricky to pack, but when you can put them into a packing cube, you will find this process much easier. I recommend at least one pair of sandals, a pair of booties, and a good pair of sneakers you feel comfortable wearing on a long walk.
  3. Sunglasses are crucial. No matter where you are going, you will want a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. I like polarized sunglasses, and these are some I would recommend for you!

Tops and Bottoms Hacks

  1. A versatile jacket is a MUST in the packing department! Even when you are traveling to a hot and sunny destination, you want to pack at least one jacket you can wear with different outfits, just in case. You never know when you will be eating at a chilly restaurant, or going for a late-night walk on the beach. Denim jackets are probably the most versatile, and here is a cute one you will love to have on your trip!
  2. Basic tees, and tanks can be worn with different accessories, and bottoms for a completely “new” outfit. Pack plenty of your favorite basics, so you can wear them with denim, floral bottoms, or anything else of your choice! Don’t forget to pack at least two basic long-sleeve tees you can wear for layering purposes, or chilly days.
  3. Blouses are also fun to wear on a summer vacation. You can pair them with white jeans, or black pants, a skirt, or a comfortable pair of shorts. I would pack three or four blouses to have for dinners, shows, or other events you decide to partake in on your trip.
  4. If you are someone who likes to wear shorts, pack two pairs (one denim pair, one white/black pair). If you are more of a jeans, or pants person, I recommend bringing three or four pairs of pants you know you can rotate between, and style in multiple ways.
  5. Here’s a helpful tip: Only pack an item if you KNOW you could wear it with more than one outfit. That way you will be saving room in your suitcase! If you only take away ONE piece of information from How To: Best Packing List and Hacks, let it be this, chica!

Dresses, Rompers, and Activewear List

  1. May I recommend a sundress? Sundresses are fabulous because they are comfortable, lightweight, and they can be dressed up or dressed down. I have a blog post about the best sundresses of this month, and you can check that out here! If you would not consider yourself a “dress” person, a romper or jumpsuit might be right up your alley! Whether you like dresses, or rompers, definitely pack at least one of these in your suitcase!
  2. Activewear is something some people forget often! If you workout often at home, pack a couple of your favorite workout outfits to keep yourself motivated to continue your fitness regimen even on vacation. Even if you do not work out at home, pack a pair of leggings and a soft tank top, or a pair of running shorts. You will be glad you packed these just in case you decide to go for a hike, or a bike ride at your destination.

Swimwear Suggestion

  1. Do you like to swim? Pack two or three one-piece swimsuits, or some bikinis that can be mixed, and matched! Pair the swimwear with the sunhat you packed, and a lightweight button-up top/floral print kimono. You will have a cute beach day outfit!

Accessories/Face Coverings Hacks

  1. Truthfully, I never imagined “masks” being on my packing list, but in today’s circumstances, they are essential.  Here are some that I like.
  2. More of a face shield person? Grab this one! It is not only a face shield, but it can also be converted into a visor. You will be glad you had this one on your trip!
  3. When packing accessories/jewelry, make sure you are only packing your “everyday” accessories that you know you like, and jewelry you plan to wear with a certain outfit. Packing your entire jewelry bag is not necessary, and will weigh your suitcase down quickly.

Dolls, I hope How To: Best Packing List and Hacks is very helpful to you. Make sure to save this post, so you can refer back to it before leaving for your next getaway. It is no secret that packing might be the most frustrating part of traveling! Good news is, I think using these hacks will prevent any stress regarding what’s in your suitcase.

Cheers, and happy packing, amigas!

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