My How to Guide to Plexaderm, and Why it’s Worth it!

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Lets talk for a moment how aging affects our skin and what actually happens to our face; more specifically our under eye area when we get over 50. When we get older (but more fabulous) we loose elastic tissue in our faces and bodies, which cause our skin to hang loosely. This can become especially apparent in our under eye area because the tissue structure and muscle under our eyes weaken. Fantastic ….right? Luckily thanks to Plexaderm there is a way we can “freeze” our skin and say goodbye to our under eye bags and wrinkles.

Plexaderm really caught my eye, because it is a rapid reduction of the wrinkles and bags under your eyes.

So how does is work?

Plexaderm creates a thin film or seal that goes into the underage area and reduces the heaviness and puffiness of that area.

In the Plexaderm Clinical study 80% of people saw a decrease in bags, dark circles, and crows feet around and under the eyeing under 10 minutes.

How to Apply:

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  1. You want to start with clean dry skin, because oiliness, and sweat will break the seal that the product produces to “freeze” the skin

  2. The product is a really pretty pink color that is complimentary to all skin tones, I like to use this with a concealer and put it on my ring finger (Applying with your ring finger gives you an equal amount of pressure when applying eye cream. )

  3. Apply concealer and Plexaderm right under your eye area and massage it in and give yourself 10 minutes to let the product dry. When it drys it produces a little film that freezes the area so you can continue with your make up routine. I also put a little fine milled powder and just let it ride, and sit on top of that.

After a few minutes its going to feel like a girdle. The skin feels nice, sleek, and a little snug, which I really like. The darkness under my eyes isn’t so severe and this product is a great alternative to filler. It sucks up all of the bags and definitely minimizes the darkness, and wrinkles without a tugging feeling.

This product is definitely going to remain on my make up count for sure.

Watch the video tutorial of how well this works right here!

You can purchase Plexaderm by clicking here Use discount code ANNETTE10OFF for $10 off your purchase.

Please note: Results are temporary


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