6 Mother’s Day Gifts to WOW Your Mom

If you’re stressing out about what to get your mom this Mother’s Day, worry no more!  While it’s not easy finding the perfect gift for your mom, I am here to help! I’ve put together this Mother’s Day gift guide so that you can stock up on some lovely products from incredible brands without the headache of coming up with your own ideas and research!

I know you’re going to love the items I’ve included in this list and, more importantly, so will your mom!  Even better, I’m a mom myself and if my kids gave me any of these, I would be thrilled!  You can trust these are the some of the best items to get your special mom this year.

Okay, enough already.  Let’s talk Mother’s Day gifts!

#1: Keiki Co.

Mother's Day

When they say “Give the gift of love and luxury this Mother’s Day,” THEY MEAN IT.

Seriously, Keiki Co. has the softest throws, blankets, and more!  Who wouldn’t love the gift of comfort and relaxation on Mother’s Day?

Additionally, they are doing 15%-30% off for Mother’s Day right now!  What are you waiting for?

Mother's Day#2: Hair Biology

This brand is one of my absolute favorite hair product lines out there.  I love this brand so much I have dedicated an entire blog post to my own experience with them.

In short, Hair Biology has created products specifically for women in their midlife who want to feel confident, with the hair they have.  I cannot say enough about the mission and science behind this brand.

So, if your mom has recently complained about her hair and wants to get it back to health, look no further!  This is your gift.  I have linked some products below for easy shopping!

#3: Crazy Strong Candles

Mother's DayThe name gives it away; these candles are crazy strong and crazy amazing!  Fill your mom’s home with these deliciously scented candles.  Candles are always a sure proof way to impress your mom, especially candles like these.

Although I know all of their scents are amazing, I love the scent “Caribbean Rain.”  Seriously, whenever I light this candle I feel like I’ve been transported to a tropical oasis.

#4: Mayu Swirl

Unique gift alert!  This is something you probably haven’t heard of and neither has your mom.  Unless she follows me, then she may have seen my post (and probably wished she had it, too! Haha).

Backed by extensive research, Mayu has created a decanter-styled device that increases the amount of fresh oxygen in your water by swirling it.  Not only does it enhance your water, it is a show stopper! So, if your mom is a hostess queen, she would love this!

Bonus: the Mayu Swirl is $15 off right now!

#5: Veronica Malibu Skin Care Products

Mother's Day

Talk about treating your mom to luxury and relaxation this Mother’s Day!  If you are local to Malibu, CA or Santa Monica, CA you could get your mom a spa experience to Veronica Skin & Body Care Center.

However, if you don’t live here, don’t worry!  Veronica has some incredible products you can order straight from her website.

Veronica provides an incredible spa experience and has created the most amazing skin care lines to help women feel their best no matter where they are in life!

#6: Revolution Beauty

Mother's DayRevolution Beauty creates the most gorgeous make up products in the industry. Whatever your mom’s go to make up staple is, they are sure to have plenty of options! Or, you could go all out and replace all of her make up essentials! Here are some of my favorite products from Revolution Beauty.

I cannot wait to see what you get your mom this Mother’s Day and would love for you to share how much she loves her gift on Instagram or right here on the blog!  You can find me on Instagram @reinventing50s and share this guide with anyone else you think it would benefit (so, basically everyone!).


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