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Mother's Day with ReInventing50s

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I couldn’t help but think of how lucky I am. Sure, it’s a day to celebrate us moms, the selfless sacrifices we’ve made along the way, and the love we’ve given our kids since the very day they came into this world. But, the truth? For as much as we’re to be celebrated, so should they for making us moms.

We should be proud of the men and women we’ve raised. We’ve instilled in them the importance of family, finding their passions, accomplishing their goals, and never taking a single day for granted. This is my daughter Natalie, my pride and joy. Not only is she beautiful, smart, talented, and a kind soul but she’s also an incredible daughter. She’s truly my best friend!

Some of you might not know that Natalie is the amazing photographer behind a lot of my shots on the blog and social pages. Like a true artist, her creative eye never fails me. We have so much fun together on days when we shoot content and I absolutely love working with her. I guess it also helps that she knows my best angles!

So mommas, I hope you’re celebrated on your special day and that you’re surrounded by your kids. May you never lose sight of what a big role you had in raising them and loving them. It might’ve not always been easy but it’s sure been worth it.

Mother's Day with ReInventing50s
Mother's Day with ReInventing50s

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