Make Up Tips For Over 50s

Hello Dolls!


Today we are talking make up routines which is a question I receive a lot. When we age our skin starts to do some interesting amazing things and I personally think that I have really mastered my skincare routine to take preventative measures against aging. You can find some of my preventative tips here. Make up is a booming industry right now with top brands making billions , yes with a B, of dollars each year. The make up industry has always been booming but it keeps growing and evolving being inclusive for everyone. Make Up is for everyone and no one by any means needs it, but I am going to teach you all some tricks for you to make your make up not age you.

  • Primer is a great tool to smooth the base that you are working with. There are a ton of options for different skin types. If you have oily skin a mineral smoothing primer might be the best for you to matte any oily spots. If you have dry skin use a hydrating primer or moisturize right before adding a primer, instead of moisturizing about 30 minutes prior.

  • Foundations range from sheer to full coverage, matte to glow, with a bunch of other factors. They now have liquid foundations that dry to powder, powder foundations that can be moisturizing, and different foundations that help with an array of skin problems. A key to making your foundation to not age you is to skip the powder foundation. A CC cream is a really amazing full coverage foundation that promotes skin moisture without it caking into any fine lines. If you find that your foundation feels very heavy, combine it with your favorite moisturizer to create a full coverage light weight cream.

  • Skip the powder. Unless you are very oily you may want to skip the powder. Any finishing powder or foundation powder can absolutely help set your make up but can cake up a smooth face and really define wrinkles. If you have slightly oily skin use a translucent powder to and use it very sparingly. Set your make up with a setting spray to make it last and set your make up into the skin.

  • Eyeshadow is definitely a tool that can transform the face and emphasize your eyes and face structure. I am always asked what colors will look best with certain skin tones and eye colors. I follow this really simple rules.

    • Brown shadows make blue eyes pop

    • Purple shadows make green eyes pop

    • Orange neutrals make brown eyes pop

      Anytime when doing your make up use one of the colors in your crease for a sure fire eye popping look.

  • Liner is a transformer in itself and there is so much that you can do with it. You can experiment with colors, wings, cat eye flicks, the works. Lightly lining your eye on the top will give you a smokey effect. Be careful of underlining and know that underlining with a black liner will make the eyes smaller while underlining with white liner will make the eyes bigger.

  • Mascara is one of those things that when in doubt is a must have. Have you ever done a full face of make up, and forgot your mascara? Well I know that if I run out without my mascara it looks like something is missing. To make your lashes thicker and longer add a layer of mascara, translucent powder, and another layer of mascara. You will look like you are wearing false lashes.


Remember that make up is for all. So go out there and experiment with colors, coverage and really find what. your beauty style is. Natural to full coverage it is all gorgeous.

I bring the best of life over 50 to you and all your girls. I’m a wife, a mother to college kids, and your new, fun online friend. I am going to show you a fantastic time while you are here.

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