Keeping Stress at Bay

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“Take things day by day”. That’s my 2020 motto. It’s been a long three and half months of the year thus far. Happy hour with friends have now gone virtual, grocery stores are flooded with dozens of grocery shoppers fulfilling order so the immunocompromised stay home, and “going out clothes” is now reserved for walks to the mailbox. The first couple of weeks were fine, tolerable for the most part. But a month in and the stress started to build as uncertainty of the future arises. When will we be able to rejoin society? Will things ever go back to normal? Will we have to wipe down groceries forever? What will our future economy look like? Questions like these flooded my mind day-in and day-out.

The stresses during this time are completely normal and I’m certain so many of us can relate to them. I’ve been indulging in self-care by pampering my skin, meditating and introduced daily affirmations. Sometimes, I just need a little more! Times like these, I’m so grateful to Yesterday Wellness for creating such an amazing product that helps keep my anxiety and stress at bay. It truly has been a blessing in getting me through these crazy times.

When I was first introduced to CBD, I will honestly say that I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure that it was something I wanted to try since it’s an item on the long list of taboo topics amongst society. There’s a misconception that since CBD is extracted from cannabis plants, it will cause a “high”. However, CBD comes from hemp plants which contain less than 0.3% THC (psychoactive compound). The “high” sensation comes from marijuana plants which contain higher concentrations of THC.  

Yesterday Wellness CBD Products

Yesterday Wellness helps leave my worries in the past, while helping me feel relaxed and promoting a sense of calm. Their natural CBD products are impurity and THC-free , use broad spectrum hemp extract in its purest form, and are tested and verified by third party labs. You can safely trust you’re getting a quality product with every dose. They have a great selection of premium products from oils to softgel capsules and even balms to help soothe sore muscles. Whatever your need, there’s surely a product for you.

I invite you to give yourself some grace during these times, ladies! Always remember that self-love and keeping your mind at ease are just what we need to be the best possible version of ourselves.

I bring the best of life over 50 to you and all your girls. I’m a wife, a mother to college kids, and your new, fun online friend. I am going to show you a fantastic time while you are here.

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