Learning About Incontinence: Aeroflow Urology

Mamas! As you know we are constantly Reinventing our lives and health as we age.

I have had a wonderful opportunity to learn more about how others are dealing with incontinence, and what we can do to help.

Thankful for Aeroflow Urology their mission is to redefine continence. The more resources to services the better for those who struggle with incontinence.

Aeroflow Urology provides a ton of resources through their site. They have a guide for what services best fit someones needs, along with great information on insurance coverage as well. Everything from youth diapers & pull ups to those who are in need of a higher level of care.

According to the UnitedHealthcare ‘…A year’s supply of catheters alone could cost as much as $4,400. But even patients who reuse catheters need several new ones per month.’

If you or a loved one who is struggling with these symptoms, I suggest looking into Areoflow Urology to find what resources may best fit your needs.

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