How to Get Upgraded to First Class

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Let’s talk about flying. Airplanes provide quick transportation all around the world. To think that only 100 years ago you couldn’t get to New York in 6 hours, or go to europe for less than a days worth of travel. To think that the first transatlantic flight was made LESS than 100 years ago. It was from Long Island, New York to Paris France in 1927 by Charles A Lindbergh. Now we are flying all around the world with hundreds of airlines able to bring you exactly where you would like to go and in style. 

Unfortunately flying in style can cost thousands of dollars depending where you are going. Airplanes are optimizing their first class cabins to look like hotels and are charging anywhere with the most expensive being $38,000.00 from Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways is a luxury experience known by a minimal amount of people.  For the price of a BMW X3 or to own an apartment in most places of the world you can fly from New York to Abu Dhabi and stay in this luxury lounge, double bed suite, and shower combo. 

Now I know that everyone once in a while walks pass the first class cabin and at one time or the other wishes that they were seated there. I also know that a few of you have probably inquired with the airline desk to see if you can get an upgrade. Obviously that depends on the day, your demeanor, and a lot of other factors. It also isn’t as easy as it used to be to get an upgrade because upgrades are now done electronically, when they used to be done at the check in counter. That being said, it is not impossible and I know a few tricks of the trade to get you in first class.

  1. Look Like You Belong There: I know when we are traveling we want to dress comfy especially when it is a longer flight but looking the part can definitely help you with an upgrade. 

  2. Be Kind and Direct: There is no harm in just asking if there are any upgrades available. You catch more flies with honey and I can assure you being demanding and rude will certainly not get you an upgrade. Being understanding and polite will give you a better chance of an upgrade.

  3. Offer your seat up to someone else: Weirdly airlines tend to overbook themselves. Now with all different websites, flights are on multiple platforms and can get overbooked. Usually there will be an announcement over the loudspeaker explaining that the flight is overbooked and king if anyone is willing to give up there seat. If you aren’t in any rush you usually get $500 in flight credit, free food and a seat upgrade on the next flight.

  4. This one doesn’t have a title because it would be too long, but if the airline has inconvenienced you, absolutely ask for an upgrade. Now also this method only works if you are tactful and understanding. A lot of the time when something goes wrong on a flight or there is a cancellation people fly off the handle. First of all, the person you are complaining to is not responsible for what went wrong, they are just the messenger so relax. Secondly if you are rude,  there is no way you are getting an upgrade. Politely ask if there is anything that they can do because of the inconvenience and thank them in advance. You may think it isn’t going to work but I have gotten two flight upgrades by being polite and understanding in the time of an airline inconvenience. 

  5. Lastly Ask your travel agent. I know the age of technology people don’t utilize travel agencies as much as they should. Your travel agent knows the ins and outs of all things travel and would be able to see right away if a flight would be able to upgrade you. It never hurts to ask. 

There you have it. Follow these tips every time you fly and your chances of flying first class will soar. Traveling in style doesn’t have to break the bank. 


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