How This Mexican Girl is Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day!

Never been to Ireland – yet – and the only thing green for me is my morning smoothie, but I am getting in the spirit of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day with a few of my favorite green beauty products that are going to leave you feeling very lucky, my friend! Check out what I have for you this week….

It’s not easy being green, but here’s how you can do it this St. Patrick’s Day…

Sephora Hemp MaskSaint Patricks Day

…but this mask will help ease your woes and leave you feeling so refreshed- as if you just went to the spa!  The hemp infused face mask I am using this Saint Patricks Day is from Sephora.  I chose this mask because it contains real hemp oil in it and helps to eliminate acne and remove excess oil.  It is also extremely affordable at $5.50 a mask! Why wouldn’t you try it?

Kiehls Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask

Not a huge fan of hemp?  No worries, try this Avocado mask instead!  It give you hydration while softening your skin.  The creamy mask locks in moisture and shows results almost instantly.  Enjoy!

Green Eye Shadow

I also just discovered the most beautiful green eye shadow.  It is subtle yet stunning- making it the perfect color for whatever your St. Patrick’s Day plans are.  If you’re staying in, it can be the perfect every day shade.  If you’re going out, the shimmer of the eye shadow definitely takes your makeup look to the next level!  I think this color green is fun for Saint Patricks Day but subtle enough to be an everyday makeup look.  Here are some similar products to the eyeshadow I used!

Daily Greens Moisturizer

This product is not just any old moisturizer!  Not only does it moisturize your skin, but it also exfoliates using papaya extract.  It contains willow herb which actively works to clean out pores and take away shine.  Don’t miss out on this product this spring!

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream

I love retinol night creams because they help to eliminate age lines you may already have while preventing future ones.  Why not make it festive this year with this green Murad Retinol Night Cream?

Tata Harper Cleanser and Moisturizer

Treat your skin to these Tata Harper products!  They reduce wrinkles while firming, protecting, and repairing mature skin.  Made up of organic ingredients including essential oils and fruit extracts, your skin will will certainly enjoy these two products!

Last, but not least, Pastels Mint Eye Shadow Palette by HUDA BEAUTYSaint Patricks Day

If you want a few more options for eye shadow, I recommend this fun palette by HUDA BEAUTY!  It gives you that green eye shadow you’re looking for plus an assortment of other colors to enjoy throughout the year.

You can find the Tata Harper Cleanser and Moisturizer as well as the HUDA BEAUTY Palette and all of the other items below!

This year, I am excited to celebrate Saint Patricks Day with these beauty products and I hope you’ll join me.  Let me know in the comments if you’re going to celebrate with any of these products and share any additional ones you love, I’d love to know!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


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