Holiday Gift Guide 2019 !!

Hello Dolls!

It’s that time of year! You know, when you have to come up with wonderful gifts for the ones you love!

So after a lot of hours of shopping and searching, I have come up with the top 8 gifts that will make your friends and family so happy!

  1. Nutrafol. As you all know, my hair is a celebrity of it’s own! I’m stopped in stores, restaurants and always asked about my hair routines. From stress to the digestive system, multiple things can impact your hair wellness, so I was really happy to find Nutrafol It is a 100% drug-free and clinically proven to improve hair growth. Its a once a day supplement and has made my hair so much stronger. Everybody loves strong beautiful hair that is fuller and softer.

  2. The next gift is a perfect gift for the cosmetic queens in your life! They are clear lipstick covers!! Yes, I love these!! You can purchase them at The Shop and they come in all sorts of brands from MAC to YSL. This is one you should buy for yourself!

  3. Winter dryness chapping you? Then butter up , buttercup!! This is the best sugar scrub on the market! Bonblissity They are individually wrapped sugar cubes that come in an assortment of decadent scents like Vanilla Brown Sugar, Fresh Lemongrass, and Mango Sorbet. It will leave your ands, elbows, and feet like satin.

  4. Every gift guide needs a beauty product that is practical and does something better than the rest. That is what Active Wow Charcoal Power does. Derived from the highest-quality coconut sources, our activated charcoal is safe to use on your teeth and easy on your gums. If you are not a fan of dental-grade whitening peroxides, active wow charcoal teeth whitening is a great alternative. This formula whitens your teeth over time, and helps remove stains from a number of causes: coffee-stains, wine, cigarettes, and more – all without bleach. Brilliant!!

  5. This next gift is so unique and wonderful that I got it for myself. it is the Embr Wave It is perfect for those cold winter nights when you venture out! It is a thermal bracelet that warms your thermal senses, the Wave naturally applies heat to your skin, creating warm sensations. And the same thing happens in the cool mode, it pulls heat away from your skin creating a cool feeling. Hot flashes be gone!

  6. This one made the list because it works so well and there is someone in your family who is going to be looking to improve their health in 2020. Drink Hydrant is an incredible water enhancement that adds important minerals and elements to your water to keep you hyper hydrated in a fast amount of time. Your skin will love you for this and so will your family!

  7. And the skincare product that made the list this year…….. Oliveda This was one of my favorite new products of 2019. Their face serum is my favorite. This highly concentrated Facial Serum strengthens, tightens, repairs, and regenerates stressed and dehydrated skin through its high concentration of anti-aging power. The fresh olive leaf cell elixir in this serum is a true fountain of youth that is quickly absorbed into the skin. Moisturizing, nourishing, refining pores, reducing dark spots, and evening out wrinkles with immediate effect. The skin regains its vitality and shines with a youthful glow. This is truly a special product that anyone will love to get this Christmas season.

  8. And the luxury item this year is: Vahan Jewelry These are the most beautiful items any girl could want. The oval shape of their diamond bracelets prevents rolling over, keeping the most interesting, eye catching part of the bracelet facing up. All bands are flexible for ease of wear, and highly resilient. Closed bracelets (bangles) fasten using a hidden clasp. Send this one to your Santa!

And there you have it, my favorite items for 2019. Each is unique and sure to please. Let me know your thoughts on these and the other products at The Shop Collection And Happy Holidays, Friends!!

I bring the best of life over 50 to you and all your girls. I’m a wife, a mother to college kids, and your new, fun online friend. I am going to show you a fantastic time while you are here.

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