Hispanic Heritage Month

Hello, mammas! I am so proud to be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with you this year.

This is a time of year where I am excited and proud to share with you my cultural traditions and show you the importance of the contributions Latinos have made to this country both in the arts, beauty, and society.

This year, I wanted to show you the beauty of Latinas today! We are celebrating our beauty and what makes us unique. Beauty to a Latina means health, and happiness! I hope that I can bring you along for the celebration and show you some of the products that are examples of how we are different and yet all the same.

Mexico is rich in colorful traditions and you can see that in the beauty of its women and the celebration of holidays like Dia de los Muertos, where we celebrate the Day of the Dead with vivid, theatrical makeup and calaveras (skulls) and calacas (skeletons) and traditional artful headdresses of flowers. 

Nothing speakers more to me with bright and bold colors than Bite Beauty’s Power Move Hydrating SoftMatte Lipstick in the color: Hot Tomato

Now amigas us Latinas LOVE a bold red lip, and this one does everything we wish a red lip would. It’s hydrating and it’s matte and yes it’s bold. This is a must have in your make up collection.  

Next, the sign of vitality! As latinas we praise our hair. Whether it be long and flowing or short and curly, we love our hair to be healthy, shiny and smell of wild deep flowers that linger long after we have passed by. 

That memorable scent I am referring to is the Moroccan Oil, Hair & Body Fragrance Mist. The perfect scent that works for your body, should also work for your hair! This mist has a light floral scent and the mist is so hydrating. It works for every hair type, and is buildable. So you have the choice of that subtle fragrance for a fresh day around town or build the scent to a fantastic date night.

And then time to get on our #MexiGlow with that skin! Amigas, we are the superstars of our own lives and JLo has formulated a product that does just that! 

The JLo Beauty, That Star Filter Highlighting Complexion Booster in the color Pink Champagne. If you haven’t seen the video on the Jlo Beauty Instagram account – I will link it HERE! But this is the product JLo was using before the Dolce and Gabbana Runway. #JLoOnTheGo

I love this highlighting booster because you can apply it on small areas of the face and larger areas of the body. It can completely take an everyday look and just make it look that much more elevated. JLo Beauty has encompassed everything around skincare. From her eye cream, olive oil complex serum, and SPF. 

Another successful Latina at Sephora who has made a name for herself as a business owner is the incomparable Selena Gomez, founder of Rare Beauty

She has done a wonderful job on her all inclusive makeup line with a message that everyone is beautiful. Keeping with the latina tradition her colors are bold, vivid and feminine. You don’t need to be a makeup guru to enjoy every product on the Rare Beauty line. They make something beautiful for everyone, and every product is a divine way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

I hope you enjoyed this peak of what makes my culture beautiful and bold!

Besos for now Mamas!,


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