My Top 5 Trending Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I’m here to help you stay ahead of the holiday with some great ideas on what to get for your loved one. As we all know, most of the time the men make all of the plans and accommodations for us on Valentine’s Day, but it’s nice to switch up some years to take the lead on making this day extra special for your significant other. Although they may not want to come out and admit it, many men actually get excited when the woman in their lives take initiative and even surprise them for Valentines Day. Check out my top 5  gifts ideas for the man in your life below.

Unique travel items

Is your significant other a traveler or explorer? One of the best gifts you can give a traveler (other than an all-expenses-paid vacation) is convenient little gifts that can help make traveling more convenient and less stressful.  Items such as travel pillows, portable chargers, and mobile hotspots are great products to start looking at.

Food Delivery Services

Is your man a foodie who doesn’t always want to step in the kitchen to get a delicious meal? Well signing him up for a subscription to a food delivery service could be a perfect gift. There are many useful delivery services such as Door Dash, Grub Hub, and Uber Eats to name a few. The beauty of this gift is that if you live together, you will get the benefit of the subscription yourself as well!

Car Gear

This is one product category that will never go out of style for men. Car accessories such as back seat organizers and car back massagers are easy classics to pick up right before Valentine’s Day. Other great items that are trending are wireless car chargers and mirror dash cams that allow you to accurately gauge behind you while you are driving or in reverse. These are sensible, practical items your man could use every day and he would be happy to have them!


Grooming items and Skincare

The trend of grooming and skincare products for men have been increasing over the last few years. You can even pick up products for your man at places you already shop such as Sephora, Ulta, and other beauty retailers. Companies such as Lumin even allow your man to get a free trial of their products before they commit to their brand. They are based right here in Las Angeles, California and they source the best products for their ingredients from experts in Los Angeles and Seoul.

Take a Trip

I’m sure your significant other would love a couple of days away with you for a romantic getaway. If you have it in your budget  you should look at booking a trip for just the two of you for Valentine’s Day. The purpose of the trip is to spend downtime with your men so it doesn’t have to be the most glamorous vacation. If you are stuck on figuring out affordable places to go, Groupon is a great starting place! They always have stellar deals on hotels and they even have some all-inclusive packages that are worth looking at.  If you decided that you really don’t have it in your funds to take a vacation, a stay-cation works just as well. Making time to get away to connect with your significant other is the perfect way to say I love you this Valentine’s Day.

I hope this guide gave you a place to start thinking about gifts to give your loved one. Above all, you know your guy more than anyone else does so choose the right gift or experience that you think will fit him best. Whether that is a unique vacation getaway or something simple he can use every day, I am sure it will delight him that you thought about it on this holiday!

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