Greatest food tours around the world

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Today we are going  to be discussing two  of my favorite topics which is *drum roll please*…. FOOD and TRAVEL! Besides being a human necessity, food is a bonding experience that brings us together. Trying foods from around the world is a great way to explore and immerse yourself in new cultures and learn new recipes. No matter what city you’re in around the world, you’d be cheating yourself of a great experience if you don’t try out new foods from that area. So without further ado, here is a list of some of the greatest food tours around the world.

Food Tour New Mexico


Food Tour New Mexico was founded by local foodie Nick Peña. This culturally rich food tour has stops in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. New Mexico is known for its beautiful Spanish architecture and it’s mix of delicious cuisines. The local tour guides will show you where all of the great eats are around town. Besides the great eats, Food Tour New Mexico provides visitors with an amazing crash course on New Mexico’s history and what each dish means to the region.

XO Foodie


XO Foodie is the “the most acclaimed Vietnam food tour” according to This unique food tour is hosted by all women and has been featured on ESPN and The Food Channel. You are guided through Ho Chi Minh city on motorbike and stopped at different stalls that allow you to explore authentic dishes. They can accommodate up to 16 people per tour. The goal of the hosts is to get visitors familiar with less known dishes and show them the culture of “street food”.  

Asheville, North Carolina


Asheville is home to the ever famous Biltmore estate and has a number of food tours for visitors to enjoy while there. The tours start at just $55 and they have options for a Downtown tour, a night tour, a brunch tour and much more. Many of the food tours include beer, wine and cocktails along the way. Asheville is one of the premiere food destinations in the United States.

Venice Food Tour with Markets & Gondola


Who doesn’t love Italian food? If you ever make a trip to Venice, you should check out the Venice Food Tour with Markets & Gondola. This all inclusive food tour will take you on an adventure across two sides of the Grand Canal and take you through historic neighborhoods around the city. Not only will you get to taste the variety of flavors Italy has to offer but you can enjoy some of their delicious wines as well. The tour guides promise to give you the best local experience there is to offer.

Bottom line: Whenever you get the chance to get out and explore a new city, make sure you place a special emphasis on getting to know the area through food and drinks. Try out the dishes that the locals suggest and be open to new things. You might just find a staple recipe to recreate in your own kitchen!

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