Fun Activities to do over President’s Day Weekend

President’s Day Weekend is this weekend which means most of us get an extra day to unplug and unwind with our families. Who doesn’t love a bonus day in the weekend? There is so much that you can do (or not do) with an extra day. Check out my list of activities for you to do over President’s Day Weekend.

Visit the Beach


If you are lucky enough to live close to a beach or where there is warm weather right now, you should definitely take this downtime and visit the beach. You can make this a solo excursion or bring your whole family along for the fun. There is plenty of activities to enjoy including surfing, sailing, beach volleyball and more! If relaxing is more of your thing, you can take a chill pill and unwind on the sand or catch up on a good book. If you’d rather be completely idle, you could rest and catch a suntan for a few hours, just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Take the time to go enjoy a new restaurant


Trying new foods and new restaurants is always a good time. It’s always on my bucket list and what better time to knock it out than this weekend. Even if you live near a ton of trendy and cool restaurants, we are mostly always drawn to go for the same old things that you know. Use this weekend to break out of that run and go exploring. You may even run into restaurants hosting a President’s Day Special.

Try new  Cocktails


Another delicious way to spend the Holiday is to phone up some friends go out to a few bars to try new cocktails that you wouldn’t normally try. If you aren’t so sure what to try, walk up to the bartender and ask  them to surprise you. Bartenders are normally great at picking and suggesting drinks based on your flavor profile. If cocktails aren’t your thing, I have a great healthy alternative for you—Wine! Equally as delicious but a little more nutritious than a cocktail.

Go on a City Tour


When is the last time you went to really explore the city that you live in? Most of us think we know all of the ins and outs because we live in a certain place, but I’m quite sure there are some hole in the walls and hidden gems you haven’t seen yet. Using this free day to see your city should definitely be a part of your agenda this weekend.

Don’t let the weekend pass you by without intentionally planning some fun activities or some uninterrupted downtime. Having an extra day away from work is the best feeling ever and the perfect conclusion to any great weekend.

I bring the best of life over 50 to you and all your girls. I’m a wife, a mother to college kids, and your new, fun online friend. I am going to show you a fantastic time while you are here.

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