Fierce Fashion Tips to Comfortably Cover Your Figure

Covered Perfectly Vest

Women’s clothing often seems like it was designed by a man who’s never seen a woman in his life. Especially attire marketed to ladies of over fifty. You know what it’s like to slip into a stylish shirt, only to discover that the short sleeves reveal more of your upper arms than you’d like. Honey, forget that. Here are some chic over 50 fashion tips that actually work.

Fun patterns in breathable fabrics

Fabulously breathable fabrics: the fabric of your clothing makes a noticeable difference in your appearance, so opt for soft, breathable materials. I love the clothes from Covered Perfectly, made from MicroModal fabric. The brand’s items are stylish, flattering, and soft to the touch.

Pretty in prints: bold patterns and prints detract from all your problem areas, but avoid ostentatious color palettes. Eye-catching shades are on-point but choose cohesive, complementary hues that highlight your skin tone.

Covered Perfectly Vest

Show off with statement pieces: eye-catching statement pieces draw the eye, which means that people are staring at your fabulous accessories, not the areas that make you feel insecure. Covered Perfectly has a versatile vest that I. AM. IN. LOVE. WITH, but a cardigan or blazer gets the job done, too.

Fun bold patterns keep you feeling young

Never let anyone tell you that you have to dress your age—and never believe that dressing your age means that you have to look or feel awkward or uncomfortable! Take a look at The Shop and browse through our selection of Covered Perfectly attire.

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