Fall Hair Trends

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Summer is over which means California won’t be so sweaty and hot, which is amazing for my hair. Fall is here and some of you may be experiencing cooler weather, leaves changing, and all of the fun activities that come with fall. One thing that definitely comes with any season change is peoples want for change. With me I know I like to spice things up with my hair. Fall is the perfect transitional time to really go for a change, really take your summer look and get it ready for winter. Obviously we all want to be up on the trends and I have some of the top trends that will be in this coming fall and winter season.

So lets get started with three hair styles that you will be seeing in the 2019 fall season

  1. Brushed Out Curls– Yes you heard it here. You know that I am all about big hair and making a statement. Brushing out your curls creates one of two gorgeous things. Number one a really glam Betty Davis wave. The Second some gorgeous big volumonous 70s throwback.

  2. Deep Side part with a Body Wave– Deep side parts are all the rage. It frames a fuller face and accentuates some sharp cheekbones. We all know a body wave is a classic so lets combine this new comer and classic for a beautiful new style

  3. A Sleek Top Knot– We all know that throwing our hair up into a messy bun was the hot thing last year this fall, kill it with a very sleek stylized top knot.

A haircut can make you feel brand new. Here are the top three you can try this season.

Hairstyle 1.jpg
  1. Long Layers– I know that a lot of people for summer get a bit of a shorter cut because of the heat and also to replenish your hair. Now that your locks have grown out this is the time to get long layers to promote your healthy hair and show off the thickness.

  2. Blunt Bobs– We all know that the bob has made its comeback since 1915 and the 70s. Try this new twist to get more of a wispy cool vibe to your hair. Blunt cuts suit all face shapes and sizes because the length can be adjusted to suit each persons face.

  3. A Long Shag– Yes, you heard me correctly. The look created by Paul Mcgregor was idolized in the 70s and the 90s and is making a big comeback in 2019 with a bit of a twist. I know a lot of people are used to a shorter shag but have you ever thought to have the same whisky look with a longer do. You can have the same lived in, chopped look and not have to sacrifice your length.

If you want a more drastic change for fall lets discuss colors.

  1. Frosted Blonde is my personal favorite. A lot of people think that when the summer is over it is time to darken up your blonde, or warm it up. Though that might be true in some instances a cool blonde is all of the rage this season.

  2. Bronde– Are you a brunette? Or are you a blonde? What if you didn’t have to choose? I am here telling you, you don’t. Bronde is a color technique that fuses brown and blonde hair color to produce an ultra flattering sun kissed color that suits all people.

  3. Mulled Wine– Who doesn’t love a glass of mulled wine in autumn. The dark crimson color that mulled wine is, is actually this fall seasons hottest color. This color has hints of chardonnay red with accents of auburn and onyx to create dimension to complement any face.

  4. Last but certainly not least GREY! Yes ladies you can let your natural hair go because grey is gorgeous. A lot of people are getting their hair dyed grey from ages 20 and on. The thought of going grey is not the taboo that it used to be and doesn’t make people cringe as it once did.

Whatever you are rocking this fall is gorgeous. Do you feel like you want to spice up your hair? Try some of these new trends.


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