Egg Coloring- For Adults!

Easter is just around the corner again! Though it is very easy to think that this holiday is about Easter baskets, scary Easter bunnies and candy, Easter egg decorating for adults is a very creative and inspiring thing for grownups too. There is always the traditional kit, dipping eggs in the coloring and possibly throw some stickers on it and then be done with it. Here is a different project that we tried here at CMQ that used our skills and brought out the creative and colorful side of you.


Necessary Items:

–          Eggs

–          Nylons

–          Vegetables with skins to make the dye

–          Herbs (like thyme or dill) or flowers

First gather assorted vegetables from your yard, refrigerator or grocery store like onions and beets. To make the dye, peel the vegetables and put the skins and veggies in a pot separately. Add vinegar to each pot and boil down. Boil eggs separately and let them cool.  Cut the nylons about 4 inches, tie up one side in a knot, and place the egg inside. Insert herbs or flowers and tie up the other end. Soak eggs overnight in the veggie dyes. Next day, cut the nylon pouch and remove the egg! Below are what we did! Happy Egg Decorating!

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