Creative Ways to Save Money on Travel

Hello Dolls!

We all love traveling right? We always wish we could spend more time on a vacation or traveling remote destinations of the world. Who doesn’t want to be in a luxury chateau in France? I know I do. But often travel causes some major monetary contributions.

Now I know that saving doesn’t come very natural to a lot of people and saving for travel can be a struggle but today I am going to teach you the most effective and creative ways to save money for traveling so you never have to worry about when you will get to take that next great vacation. 

  1. Open a Savings Account Specifically for traveling. Savings accounts are great because they are harder to access money than a checking account. Creating  savings that is specifically for you travel account is great.

  2. There are so many apps out there like Acorns (which is a savings app) that use round ups from your credit and debit cards.

  3. Have an old fashion Travel Jar. Crazy I know but the amount of times I come home with any spare cash and change that I just put in a jar and you will not believe how much will be in there in a month or two. 

  4. Create a savings plan for yourself. Creating a budget helps you seeing where your money is going so seeing where you can cut back to save for travel is a really good way to get ahold of you finances for a trip.

  5. If you are a seasoned traveler who is looking to budget for more travel, getting an airline credit card. They usually have a great mileage offer and everything you spend gets you miles. 

  6. Flight apps like skyscanner allow you to scan all website for the best possible price for flights. Always do it on a wednesday because that is when prices are cheapest

  7. Airbnbs are a great way to travel the entire world on a limited budget. They have options for all price points.

  8. Pre book tours to save money. Get country passes to save hundreds of dollars on all of the attractions you want to visit. 

That’s it dolls. Try all of these things and you will be traveling in no time. 


I bring the best of life over 50 to you and all your girls. I’m a wife, a mother to college kids, and your new, fun online friend. I am going to show you a fantastic time while you are here.

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