COVID-19: 5 Ways to Travel Safely

Hello dolls! With us all experiencing this insane chapter of COVID-19 in 2020’s book, I know that the uncertainty of it all has made us uneasy. However, there is great comfort in knowing that we are all experiencing this together and that being said, we will get through it all TOGETHER. One way to eliminate fear or anxiety is by being knowledge and educating ourselves on the situation and with that, we are prepared. I wanted to take the time to put together a list called, COVID-19: 5 Ways To Travel Safely for you. Not only during COVID-19, but also whenever the time comes that we have to get back on that plane for a business trip or back to taking the subway to get to work.

COVID-19: 5 Ways To Travel Safely

  1. BRING ALONG A TRAVEL SIZED SPRAY BOTTLE ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL: Keep those hands clean! Constantly wash your hands and if you can, get yourself a spray bottle. Just add some isopropyl alcohol, and you are good to go. And if you are running behind, and need something more simple… there are many options for types of hand sanitizer that you can choose from: spray, gel, foam, and more!
  2. PACK SOME WET WIPES: These wipes can easily fit in your purse and are perfect for all your travel woes. From removing that smudge of eyeliner, to wiping your hands after closing the overhead bin on the plane! These are very versatile and are perfect to have on hand.
  3. BRING YOUR OWN SOCKS, PILLOW & BLANKET:  Bringing your own prevents the spread of germs and will help you sleep on the plane. And we all know sleep is absolutely VITAL to maintain a healthy immune system.
  4. TAKE THOSE VITAMINS: Bring some packets of Emergen-C to put into your water bottle. Vitamin B6 and Vitamin D are also great for your immune system. Vitamins and hydration are crucial for staying healthy, especially while flying.
  5. PACK A SCARF or SHAWL: It is very important to remember to pack a scarf, or a shawl to cover your nose and mouth. While you are on the plane or going through that busy security line you want to be sure you are protected from germs.

Need some more travel inspiration? Check out this blog post. Need more information on traveling safely during COVID-19? Head over to this article from the CDC. If you have another tip on travel safety, please send them our way! Stay safe and remember, we are in this together and we will get through it! Cheers!

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