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“Sometimes a little comfort food can go a long way”
Benjamin Bratt

Comfort Food Plate

Hello, dolls! During these challenging times in our world today, we are all searching for a little bit of comfort. Perhaps the best way to get a taste of “comfort” is through our food choices. Comfort foods often remind us of our childhood, or other good memories, or are just nice and easy to prepare. The concept of “comfort food” is universal, but the foods that provide us comfort certainly vary by region in the world. In today’s post we are going to discuss comfort foods in the United States of America, Spain, Japan, and Australia/New Zealand. By the end of this mouth-watering virtual trip around the world, you’ll be ready to eat!

Take a moment to think about YOUR favorite comfort food. You know, the one food you can barely wait to have when you visit home, or on a certain holiday? Or, maybe just that dessert you crave after a rough week. My favorite comfort food is a good homemade tortilla. Simple maza, add some water, and throw it on the “comal.” Then, when it’s done put a spread of butter and a pinch of salt. I love making these for myself as my go-to comfort food.

United States of America

If you are from the US, you can probably name a few of the typical American comfort foods. If you are not from the US, our comfort foods are probably exactly what you have seen in American movies. Biscuits and gravy, macaroni and cheese, a good casserole, mashed potatoes, and a variety of dishes made in a Crock Pot are some examples of American comfort foods. And, for dessert?  Cake, or cupcakes, a warm chocolate-chip cookie, a slice of apple pie or a scoop of ice cream. Home sweet home!

Ice Cream


Hola, bienvenidos España. If you are on the hunt for a classic Spanish comfort food, get ready for a lot of bread, a lot of meat, and delicious desserts. Many Spanish people enjoy fried seafood, gazpacho (a cold vegetable soup), paella (rice with meat and seafood), bacon, and grilled lamb. These foods paired with the famous chocolate con churros (hot chocolate and fried dough), or almond cake will bring comfort and a home-like feeling to many Spaniards.



Next up, we are making our way over to Japan. In Japan , the types of comfort foods change even more! Some of Japan’s common comfort foods include chazuke (rice with green tea), a bowl of noodles, some takoyaki (octopus balls), and tempura (deep fried meat or veggies). And for dessert: the delicious mochi!

Ramen Noodles

Australia/New Zealand

Lastly, Australia and New Zealand! Australians and New Zealanders are probably most popularly known for their love of vegemite. Vegemite on toast, a good bowl of spaghetti, potato wedges, porridge, hot chips, and butterscotch apple dumplings are all popular comfort foods in this region.

Potato Wedges

Well, as we wrap up our comfort food international tour, I want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try a new cuisine from a foreign country. Obviously, traveling internationally is close to impossible right now. But, shopping at your local international grocery store is a great way to try new foods and support small businesses in your community. What is your favorite comfort food? And what is your favorite international dish?

For more blog posts about food and beverages, check out this blog post! Enjoy your Tuesday, dolls! Cheers!

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