Bust a Move

Dance Day by ReInventing50s

One of my all-time favorite things to do is dance. It’s an instant mood-booster! Today is International Dance Day and it’s hands-down one of my unspoken favorite holidays. So many of life’s moments are marked with dances: first dances between newlyweds, mother-son dances, father-daughter dances, high school dances, and sometimes “just because you need a lift” dances.

Through my travels across the world, I’ve been exposed to many interpretations of their heritages – food, clothing, traditions, and dance. Dance is a universal language for happiness and today’s message is to celebrate it and bring people across all different cultures and ethnicities together. 

It’s one of those things in life that you don’t have to worry about getting right, making beautiful nor understanding. As long as you enjoy it, nothing else matters. 

So put those dance shoes on and dance like nobody’s watching, chica!

Dance Day by ReInventing 50s
Dance Day by ReInventing 50s
Dance Day by ReInventing 50s

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