Building Your Spring Wardrobe Has Never Been So Easy

Spring Wardrobe Necessities

Have you thought about the necessities you need to build your spring wardrobe yet? If you have been avoiding buying new items, it’s time to change that because spring is here! Whether you’re shopping for the latest clothing trends or preparing for the upcoming season, I’ve got three things you should consider when building your wardrobe for this spring.  With the right accessories, you can get by just fine in the heat. With the proper jewelry, you can keep your spring outfits simple yet chic.  It’ll be much easier to enjoy the natural beauty of spring if you’ve planned ahead.  So, let’s not delay any further.  Read on for all of my spring essentials!

Spring Wardrobe Necessities by Color

Spring is a time for bright colored clothes, but, not just any!  In fact, this year certain colors are in according to Pantone.   My favorites from them are:

  1. PANTONE 16-1529 TCX Burnt Coral
  2. PANTONE 13-0647 TCX Illuminating
  3. PANTONE 13-0117 TCX Green Ash
  4. PANTONE 15-4020 TCX Cerulean

The colors are in order below, aren’t they beautiful?

Spring Wardrobe

Spring Wardrobe Necessities by Prints

Okay, let’s talk about prints!  I love spring because you can find some gorgeous prints with vibrant and amazing colors.  Additionally, spring is the perfect time to try new prints you don’t have!

Animal Print

Animal print NEVER goes out of style.  Also, no need to stick to neutrals when it comes to animal prints.  Brands are creating fun animal prints in spring colors, too!

Floral Print

Did I even need to mention this?  Flower’s are the epitome of Spring!  So, why not have a few flower print items in your wardrobe?  Even better, flowers add so much to an outfit.  Pair a neutral print with a floral print and you’re done!

Tie Dye

Dolls, Tie Dye is back!  Not only are the options for tie dye endless, but you can even make it yourself!  Also, Tie Dye is the perfect print to wear at the beach! Win, win.

As you gear up for a spring vacation or an upcoming season of new outfits, feel free to challenge yourself with some of these fun prints if they’re not already in your spring wardrobe!

Spring Wardrobe Necessities by Accessory

Are you planning to dress up for spring?  Stay in?  Some of both?  Whatever your plans are, you will need the right accessories to get you through the season and spice up any outfit.

Spring Wardrobe Necessities

There are endless options for accessories out there, so how do you know which pieces are necessary for your spring wardrobe this year?  I’m going to tell you!

A Hat

Hats are so important because they protect you from the sun!  Whether you live in Sunny California or cold New York, a good hat will protect you from those harmful sun rays.  Luckily, there are a ton of options to choose from.  I love a fun straw hat or a Fedora, but a bucket hat or cap works just as well!

A Spring Colored Purse

Have you seen these all over instagram?  They are quite the blast from the past but I’m here for it!  This accessory is perfect for a night out with the girls or your love.

Faded Sunglasses

Ray-Ban SunglassesOf course, we all know we need sunglasses!  However, if you really want to be “in style” this spring you need to add a pair of faded sunnies to your spring wardrobe.  You can check out my blog about the Ray Ban sunglasses that will save you this spring here.  A good pair of sunglasses will be an every day staple in your spring wardrobe this year.

Chunky Gold Jewelry

Classic, but in style!  Even better, it doesn’t have to break the bank!  You can get fun, chunky, and quality jewelry without paying an arm and a leg for it.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my favorite spring colors, prints, and accessories and that it makes your spring a little brighter and outfit planning a little easier.  Further, you can shop all of my favorite spring colors, prints, and accessories found in this blog below, enjoy!

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