Best Airports in the World

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Have you ever thought that airports could be more fun. Think about it… anytime we book a vacation we are so focused that out vacation starts when we land but what if we changed our focus and had our vacation start the moment we arrive at the airport. I know that sounds crazy to some people because we always associate the airport with waiting, delays, and crowds but it does not have to be that way. Have you ever been stuck at an airport? Whether it be a delay or cancellation everyone is so quick to be miserable in the terminal just sitting there waiting. That isn’t always the case for a lot of airports. What if I were to tell you that there are some airports that you would want to get delayed in. Today we are going to explore the best airports in the world and what they offer to a multitude of travelers. Whether you are an early bird or running a bit late I am going to tell you some of that top airports that you can spend the entire day at without worrying about a delay. 



Here are the top 3 airports in the world.



Changi Airport, Singapor– Apart from serving 65 million passengers a year, the Changi Airport has a multitude of attractions to serve every passenger. Among the atriums and 40 foot rainfall in the middle of the airport  it offers is a four-story indoor slide suitable for kids and adults. There’s also a butterfly garden, a rooftop pool (and rooftop bar), more than 300 shops, and free movie theaters. I don’t know about you but I definitely would not mind having a long layover in the Changi Airport.


Zurich Airport, Switzerland- This airport has 45 eateries and multiple amenities for all passengers to enjoy. Zurich has a multitude of airport lounges, spas, and wellness center to occupy all those who choose to fly or connect through Zurich. The airport also offers a back lot tour.  Hop a bus on a sightseeing tour to see the runways, hangars, cargo areas, and even a nature conservation area between runways. They also have some fun holograms in their airport tram to welcome all visitors to switzerland. 


John F Kennedy Airport, New York-This airport doesn’t only transfer millions of people each year internationally but JFK has welcomed acts including Taylor Swift, Sarah McLachlan, and The Wanted. Performances take place post-security at JetBlue’s terminal at JFK Airport. JFK has a bunch of restaurants for all budgets, and a ton of pampering opportunities, some of the best airline lounges in the world and a variety of places to just sit back a relax.  If you’re in Terminal 5, you may get lucky with a quick daytime nap in the two sleep pods that is offered. These are limited to 20 minutes a passenger so if you are going to take advantage make sure you set an alarm. 

There are many other airports like Seoul, Beijing, and Heathrow airport that offer a bunch of unique amenities like no other. Heathrow offers sleeping rooms for about $40, Seoul has a golf course, and Beijing has a zen garden. You can always hang out in the airport lounges that all of the airline offers and in some airports they’re absolutely free. The next time you are about to travel, research the airport you are leaving from and see all of the amenities that they can offer. Your next vacation doesn;t have to start when you get to your destination. Let you vacation last a little longer. 






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