At-Home Summer Spa Day

Amigas, I have to be honest with you. I need a break. Through this pandemic, it feels like everything has been totally exhausting, and I need a day to just relax. You may find yourself asking, “Annette, how do you plan on doing that? Everywhere you could go to relax is pretty much closed.” So, in order to enjoy the rest and relaxation that I need, I am planning on an At-Home Summer Spa Day. And, I do not want to do it alone. I want you dolls to join me. So, in today’s blog post I am going to give you some fabulous ways to relax, and truly enjoy an At-Home Summer Spa Day. Let’s get started!

Get comfortable.

Nobody wants to relax in a pair of skinny jeans. Put on your best lightweight pajama set, or a luxurious robe to set the mood. If you do not already have a summery pajama set or a robe to wear, I have you covered here. Trust me on this one amiga, you will be so thankful you invested in something comfortable, and lightweight for your spa day.

Keep it hydrated, mamma.

Fruit-infused water is a fabulous way to stay hydrated, and feel pampered. Here’s a fun, simple recipe. Combine water, sliced pineapple, sliced orange, sprigs of fresh mint, and lemon slices in a large pitcher or jar. Let it sit in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours, so it has time to fully infuse. After the 4 hours, enjoy! Replace the batch every 3-4 days as needed.

Scrub that body.

Body scrubs have become a HUGE self-care fad, and they are just fabulous. You can either make your own, or buy a body scrub already pre-made. You will be SHOCKED how soft, and luxurious your skin feels after using a good body scrub.

Eye gel.

Eye gel can make you feel refreshed, and awakened. I would recommend trying an eye gel like this one! Typically eye gel comes in a patch form, so you can easily apply it to your under eyes while you are resting and rejuvenating.

Create a Spa-Day Playlist.

There are many pre-made spa-day playlists you can find online. Here is a great one from Spotify. If you like YouTube more, there are TONS of great options to choose from on there as well. Just make sure you find a playlist that makes you feel pampered, and peaceful.

Take care of those nails.

Having your nails done and keeping them healthy is such a luxurious feeling. No wonder we all love a good trip to the nail salon! But, even at home, you can use nail polish remover, cotton balls, cuticle cream, hand cream, and a little coat of clear or light pink nail polish to give yourself that “just-left-the-salon” look.

Pick your face mask.

Face masks are a classic self-care item. You probably know what type of skin you have (oily, aging, combination, dry, etc.), and that can help you decide what type of mask your skin would benefit from using. Here are some masks I would recommend. You will feel like a new woman after a good quality face mask!

AND a hair mask.

Hair masks are probably not as common. BUT, they are just as beneficial. It is just as important to take care of your hair, as it is to take care of your face. Choose a hair mask, and allow your hair to soak in all the vitamins, and goodness the mask has to offer. Your locks will thank you!

How about a foot scrub?

DIY scrubs are SO easy to make and are such a treat. Combine a cup of epsom salt, 1/4 cup of coconut oil, and 3 drops of an essential oil of your choice into a mason jar. Use your little concoction to massage and scrub the dead skin off of your feet for 20 minutes. You will be so blown away by the results, amiga.

AND treat those lips too.

Mix coconut oil, honey, water, and brown sugar into a paste so use to scrub, and moisturize those lips. Applying chapstick, or lipstick will be SO much easier, and go on much smoother.

Try a new lotion or body butter.

Check out this link to see a list of some amazing lotions and body butters you can use to totally hydrate your skin.

Treat yourself to a snack, and a book.

Chocolate covered strawberries, yogurt with fruit, finger sandwiches, cheese, and crackers, or fresh-sliced veggies are great options for simple snacks to enjoy on a relaxing day. And as for a book, check out this blog post to see some great suggestions for summer reading.

*At Home Spa HOT TIP*

In order to make sure the products you are using are nice, and cool during these hot summer days, invest in a beauty fridge. They come in many styles, and colors you will love. It is so nice to keep your skincare products in a cool place to make sure they are as refreshing as they can be. And if you are feeling like you need a little extra treat, feel free to store a mini-bottle of champagne in their too, amiga. We all need that sometimes.

How do you like to relax, and rejuvenate? Let me know in the comments below. Enjoy your At Home Summer Spa Day and we will all keep our fingers crossed we can get back to the spa soon!



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