An Easter Egg Tradition You Probably Haven’t Heard of

Easter Egg Tradition

A new Easter tradition

Hey babes, Happy Easter!  Do you have a favorite Easter egg tradition?  I sure do, but this year I am trying out a new one; Pysanka!

What is Pysanka?

Easter Egg Tradition

Pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg decorating tradition.  The process is very intricate as you almost have to work backwards.  You start by lightly drawing your design on your egg with a pencil.  Then, you cover the design lines and any part you do not want to dye with wax.  You then dip the egg into dye to cover the egg in a color of your choosing.  The wax acts as a seal against the dye on the parts of the egg that you want to fill in with other colors!  So, you really have to plan ahead when designing these beautiful eggs. You then take your egg out and melt the wax off and repeat as many times as necessary depending on how many colors you are using!

Here’s how you can simplify this Easter egg tradition.

This process is doable, but very involved!  So, if you want the same results but don’t have the time to hand design these gorgeous eggs, you can order wax sleeves instead!  Pysanka wax sleeves have beautiful designs on them that will wow anyone during Easter.  Plus, they are so easy to apply!  I am loving these right now.

How do these sleeves work?

First, you start by boiling your eggs just as in traditional Easter egg dying.  Once your eggs are boiled and cooled, you take your pre-purchased wax sleeves and put them around your eggs.  Then, you simply boil your eggs in water again until it shrinks onto your egg, about 5 seconds.  Finally, take them out, let them cool, and put those beauties on display!  Honestly, these wraps are beautiful, a time saver, and a fun way to change up Easter this year for you and your family.

I hope you will join me in this incredible tradition and share with me how yours turn out on Instagram by tagging me @Reinventing50s!  If you don’t have enough time to do them before Easter, no worries!  They make a beautiful spring decoration!

Happy Easter, loves!

Easter egg Tradition

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