A new way to travel with Campago

Hello dolls,

Today I wanted to talk to you about this really cool service I recently discovered called Campago. Since traveling is one of my favorite things to do, it was only natural that I share this new discovery with you! Life is always busy and we are always wishing we could spend more time travelling or just being in the great outdoors and Campago is trying to make that happen for adventure-lovers like you and I.


Campago offers a fun and exciting way to travel by offering luxury camper vans that speaks to the daring side of you. This innovative leisure and tourism company is based in San Francisco, California but they have vans that you can rent and take all across the country. It’s the perfect solution for a quick camping trip, or for taking a weekend away to spend time with your spouse and family without distractions.  One of my favorite outdoor activities is hiking but with Campago, I can rent one of their vans and make it a weekend long exploration around the different hiking and camping trails in L.A and San Francisco. Campago even has a list of designated places you can go if you choose to stay local and camp out in the area.

 They offer four-seater and five-seater vans for you to choose from. When you rent with them, you are not just getting a van but an entire experience. Campago includes most of the toiletries and necessities that you might need on the road. Each of their Campago vans have memory foam mattresses, high quality sheets and premium blankets to keep you warm and cozy while you are out trekking around the outdoors. They are also stocked with camping supplies, bedsheets, portable kitchenware and cookware, camping chairs, portable power stations, and so much more.

 The only thing you need to bring is some food, your favorite beverages  and a taste for the great outdoors. They even provide Shiftpods to give you and family or friends extra living space while you are out enjoying nature. A shiftpod is a tent which can be set up in less than 30 seconds. You can conveniently store it under the beds they provide when you are not using it.  Their goal is to make camping and road tripping a breeze for you by providing convenience and fun all in one.

If you are looking for your next getaway that is not only sporty but also affordable make sure you check them out. Ditch the plane tickets and  throw away your Airbnb lists to consider hopping in one of their comfortable vans.


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