8 Beauty Tips for Over 50!

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If you have been following me for a while you know that I absolutely obsess over skincare. I love everything skincare and I know that as we get older we care more and more about how our face is aging. These tips are for anyone of any age but specifically over 50s.

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1. If you are doing your make up, skip the powder. Any fine milled powder is great for setting you make up, but if you are someone who is prone to wrinkles than powders just stick to your wrinkles and make them more visible. My suggestion is use a setting spray instead to keep your make up set.

2. Use Coconut oil as a make up remover. When you get over 50 your skin starts to become drier so using a moisturizing oil to take off your make up is a MUST.

3. Sunscreen is a must at any age but it is especially important when you are over the age of 50. Sunscreen prevents aging, skin cancer, protects against harmful rays and gives you a beautiful glow.

4. Exfoliation is a MUST. “The outer layer is a roof of dead skin, and it thickens as you age, so you need to exfoliate to see more of the fresher skin,” says Dr. Steven J. Pearlman. You should exfoliate once a week to get rid of dead skin and create a healthy radiant glow. You can get my favorite exfoliant here

5. HEAT, STEAM, WARMTH are all good for your skin. You should steam your skin before you cleanse the skin because it opens the pores and gets ALL of the dirt out when you cleanse. You should also use a facial warmer when you are applying moisturizer because heat boost absorption in the skin and allows your favorite moisturizers, serums, and oils to penetrate the skin. Facial steamers are a must and you can buy my favorite right here.

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6. COLD, ICE, COOLNESS are all great fro your skin as well. Having any coldness on your skin shrinks your pores and locks in moisture! It is also fantastic for de-puffing the skin and is great for under eye bags. (ALSO great for hot flashes am I right?!?). Get

7. Vitamin C serum will be your best friend and you should start this as soon as possible. It provides your skin with the antioxidants your skin needs. Vitamin C serum supports collagen and when we get older thats the first thing that goes in our skin. You can get my favorite Vitamin C oil here

8. Last but not least, be consistent with your skincare routine. When we age our skin needs more so creating a routine that our skin can get acquainted to is very important.

Let me know down below in the comment section what you favorite beauty tip is that you utilize every day!

I bring the best of life over 50 to you and all your girls. I’m a wife, a mother to college kids, and your new, fun online friend. I am going to show you a fantastic time while you are here.

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