5 Simple Steps To A Healthy Midlife

As we get older, getting and staying healthy start to become a priority. It’s not as easy to lose that 10 pounds or get over that cold as it was when we were in our 30s. It’s time to really focus on our health so we can be around for the next 50 years. Add these 5 simple things to your routine and you will be on your way to a healthy midlife

Getting physical is key to staying healthy after 50

5 Simple Steps To A Healthy Midlife

Get physical. Getting physical could be as simple as taking a walk around the block. Physical activity, no matter how slight will keep those muscles active and keep the endorphins firing in your brain.

Nurture your mind. You try to remember that woman’s name you saw last week, you can see her face, but can’t remember her name. Don’t feel bad doll, it happens to me all the time! Work on that brain power by doing a crossword puzzle or reading the newspaper.

Eating healthy is key to staying healthy over 50

Eat healthy. Yes I had to go there. The older we get the harder it is to lose weight, our metabolism just isn’t what it was in our 30s. Who said getting older was fun? Not me!

Eating healthy just means add a few more meals with chicken or fish to your weekly menu. Make sure you get your recommended daily servings of vegetables. This handy little chart will help you make sure you eat the right amount of servings each day. Have a glass of wine, HECK YEAH! One drink a day is good for women as revealed in this article on mindbodygreen.

Practice self care to stay healthy after 50

Plan and engage in quality family time. Nothing makes you feel better or more content than spending time with your family. Invite your kids over for a family dinner, have your spouse take you out to eat, go shopping with your sister. Get those endorphins going sister! We need to keep those endorphins going the be healthy in midlife!

Practice self care. You must take care of yourself. Take time out for a bubble bath, get a pedicure, or try an adult coloring book. In this crazy busy life you have, you have to stop and take care of yourself.

AARP Magazine is a great resource for healthy living tips and join AARP for a small fee to receive all their benefits.

Put these 5 simple tips to work and it will be easy to stay healthy in midlife. What do you do to stay healthy? I would love to hear in the comments below! For more inspiration come join me on Instagram

Cheers Love!

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Staying healthy after 50 is easy with these best tips.
These simple tips will help keep you healthy after 50.
Learn how to stay healthy with these 5 simple tips over on the blog.

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