5 of the Coolest Airbnb’s Around the World

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We are continuing our Summer Travel Series with the coolest stays around the worlds. Airbnb is a company that allows any traveler with any budget to find accommodations for their stay. It has redefined the world of traveling and has opened so many doors to dreamers and travelers alike. They also have some of the coolest places to stay that you can find. Today I go through the top 5 coolest Airbnb’s around the world.

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  1. This beautiful Secluded Treehouse located in Atlanta Georgia. This is one of the most sought after Airbnb’s in the world. This is beautiful retreat is set upon the trees and just minutes away from downtown Atlanta. It is an absolutely perfect for a romantic getaway, it is one bedroom and one bath and retails for $325 per night.

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2. Trullo Edera is one of the most beautiful Italian stays and it is actually SO AFFORDABLE , it is crazy. Set in Cisternino, Italy this beautiful Trullo sleeps four people and is an outstanding $89 per night. Which means if it is split 4 ways that is about $22 per night. If you love nature this place is the place for you. The property is lined with olive trees and very close to the beach.

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3. If you are a fan of Lord of The Rings this is the perfect airbnb for you. The Underground Hygge is located in Orondo Washington and is perfect for hikers and adventurers.This cozy retreat in surrounded by six acres to hike and explore. You can see by the picture to the right that view from the door is stunning and definitely not to be missed. It sleeps two with one bedroom and one bath and will cost you $400 per night.

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4. Two words…Infinity Pool. This gorgeous retreat is located in Bali, Indonesia and to be completely honest If I was staying here I would not leave the house. I would be here the entire time and would not explore because this is pure perfection. This gorgeous place also have an incredible outdoor shower, open floor plan sleeps eight and costs $169 per night. So I don’t know about you but I am getting 7 of my favorite people together to stay here.

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5. Lastly we have the Old Smock Windmill in Benenden, United Kingdom this windmill was highly restored into a beautiful retreat to have a romantic vacation. It is surrounded by the lovely countryside of Kent which has amenities all year round for an array of travelers. This oasis has one bedroom, one bathroom (fitted with a clawfoot tub), sleeps two and retails for $213 per night.

I love knowing that I can travel the world in style with out spending an arm and a leg. Out of these five which one would you go with. Let me know in the comments below!

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